New Nintendo Direct announced, will focus on Pokemon Sword and Shield

A new Nintendo Direct has been announced, with it set to focus on Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Direct will air on June 5, ahead of E3 2019.

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septemberindecember1473d ago

This means they will have had both a Mario Maker and Pokémon directs before E3, allowing them to not be the major focus of their E3 presentation.

I’m happy about this because I want more information of Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, Town, Astral Chain, and others.

TheFirstClassic1473d ago

Yeah this gives me hope that they have a lot of surprises come e3

Old McGroin1472d ago

Not going to get my hopes up like last year. Not expecting anything major from Nintendo again thisyear.

LOGICWINS1472d ago

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Astral Chain
Bayonetta 3
Luigi's Mansion 3
Animal Crossing
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Metroid Prime Trilogy
DQ11 Enhanced Edition
Monolith Soft's New Game
Shin Megami Tensei 5

And you're telling me they're announcing MORE at E3? *faints*

RosweeSon1472d ago

You’d hope so 90% of your list already confirmed what about some surprises ;)
F-zero, excitebike, wave race, 1080, Mario Galaxy 3, Pikmin 4 something completely new 🤷🏻‍♂️😜 🤓✌🏻🤞 27995;

WPX1472d ago

Monolith Soft's New Game
Shin Megami Tensei 5

I'd be really happy if something about these are shown this June.

Sono4211472d ago

I mean... yeah, 99% of that list is releasing second half of this year and they should be putting out more games than ever before now that they only need to support one console instead of 2, so there should be quite a few announcements for next year and maybe beyond.

Fonso1281472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

This might sound weird but I hope announces more ports. I would gladly re buy Zelda Wind Waker & Xenoblade. And If Nintendo announced virtual console coming to the Switch on top of all those games you listed than Nintendo they beat Sony and MS by a long shot.

notachance1472d ago

yeah I still need that port of WiiU's Xenoblade Chronicles X and Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Sono4211472d ago

Forget ports, do more remasters of older games, Mario Sunshine remastered would be amazing, or Pokemon Colosseum/XD or Kirby Air Ride, or even sequels to those games, like cmon Nintendo, are you just going to pretend the gamecube didn't exist? And when are we going to get a 3D donkey kong game??

-Foxtrot1473d ago

Hopefully they show off the legendaries and which version gets what

Fonso1281472d ago

I’m really eager to see the starters 2nd and 3rd evolution. Also maybe a story detail.

Angelagates1473d ago

I think stars were right dude!! They will have both Mario maker and Pokemon directs before the E3? YES !! they won’t be the major focus of E3 presentation. It’s great coz we will get to know more about Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, Town, Astral Chain, and many more. CHEERS Liberated Lovers!!!

Si-Fly1472d ago

What’s that got to do with the price of fish?

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