Game review: Resident Evil 4 on Switch is still worth playing at a high price | Metro

Still one of the best action games ever made, but while this is a competent port/remaster the absurdly high price makes it an expensive novelty.

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FallenAngel1984689d ago

This port is definitely not worth the asking price

NecrumOddBoy689d ago

Yeah, this is ridiculous to ask.

Neonridr689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

agreed, if I really want to play it again (on my Switch) I will wait until this game is heavily discounted.

ScreamKween688d ago

I know right? 19.99 should have been the set price. Cant even hit 1080p that's sad as hell.

AntiZeal0t689d ago

One of my favorite games of all time, I've bought most of the ports that have released, and still 30 is too much. I'd go 20.

EddieNX 689d ago

It's one of the best games of all time that sense it's a 10/10 game.

But the price of this totally ruins it for Switch. You're not having my money.

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