PS5 GPU Will Be Based on a New RDNA AMD Architecture Replacing GCN

AMD has announced their next-generation of GPUs at an event during Computex. This also includes the hardware for the PS5 that will be powered by AMD.

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_SilverHawk_1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

The ps5 will have a powerful hardware and I cant wait to buy it on release day

Jin_Sakai1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

The GPU gains in Navi are 1.25x compared to Vega. So 10TF Navi GPU would equal 12.5TF Vega.

3rd gen Ryzen CPUs are a massive increase over Jaguar. The jump in performance will be incredible over what we have today.

New RDNA architecture! Goodbye GCN.

Custom SSD will eliminate long loads and help with LOD streaming. This will be very good for open world and fast paced games.

I think we can safely say that next gen is going to be amazing. Can’t wait!

DarXyde1587d ago

Sure hope so.

Honestly, I suspect this generation coming will mark the end of traditional gaming.

The 10th Rider1587d ago

IDK, with the rumored Navi pricing I could see a 10TF console. A lot of that would be eaten up in the push for 4K and the jump seems less impressive since we've had the mid-gen refreshes.

That CPU jump is going to be insane though. Couple that with the custom storage set-up for lightning quick load-times and a nice jump in RAM and next gen should be mighty impressive.

bmf73641587d ago

GCN over time has been a curse on AMD. While the 7000 and 200 series beat out Nvidia in price to performance, Nvidias marketing was simply too much. After that, power efficiency dramatically increased for Nvidia while GCN was horribly inefficient by comparison.

The 10th Rider1587d ago

I'd be curious to see why people think we'll be getting a 10+ TF GPU. The GPU that AMD claims to be 10% better than the 8 TF 2070 is rumored to be $500. If that the case I just don't see how next gen consoles could have over 10 TF unless they launch a premium model right out the gate for $600. More realistically we should get 8-10 TF.

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The 10th Rider1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )


Ummm, a spokesperson for Sapphire, who makes GPUs, let it slip.


They were right in the money with performance and the dates, so there's a good chance the price is real too. The original article about it got taken down but there's secondhand articles reporting in the information. It's also not a tumor or a leak with anonymous sources. It's information leaked by a spokesperson for a company that makes the GPU.

cd11586d ago


Sapphire dont make GPUs, they make graphics cards - the GPUs are fabbed by TSMC, GF etc

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Saigon1587d ago


They have been saying that for the last 2 generations and I am still waiting for this 'end of traditional gaming'. Grant it, traditional gaming has changed, but what the media is referring to is something completely different. They want us to go into the aspects of Mobile Gaming; I honestly do not want that. I am happy with how things are now. I know it will change but my hope is that we keep some aspects of traditional gaming like buying the software in digital or physical.

OT...this was a good read and I can't wait to hear more in the next few weeks. I wonder how custom the PS5 architecture is thouugh and I wonder what customization MS has done to the next Xbox.

crazyCoconuts1586d ago

I think VR has a bigger chance of ending traditional gaming (long term) than mobile devices. Gotta have BIG screens :-)
Regarding MS and customization, I'm just guessing, but I still feel they may stagger a year after PS with their powerhouse console, so they might not have focused on the AMD customizations yet. That way they can guarantee power superiority and continue the "most powerful console" marketing even a year before it's released. I think the X coming out a year later than the pro + the focus on X cloud this year and next is kinda playing into that...

DarXyde1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I'm not concerned with what others have said in the past. I have not made that statement in the past, but I think it is fair to say now. There is increasing cost and a very clear and aggressive push for streaming and online services now that is difficult to ignore.

I have not felt that pressure before, but now it really seems like Gen 9 will be the last traditional consoles. If we don't go full streaming yet, expect a lot of games to be strictly digital going forward.

gravedigger1586d ago

Yep, next-gen gonna be sweet.

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starchild1586d ago

It does sound great. I'm liking the choices they're making. I was planning to get one either way, but the hardware and backwards compatibility are adding up to an exciting console.

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MasterCornholio1587d ago

Ooo that's nice. Some rumors were saying that it would use GCN but it's nice to see that it's new tech.

Asuka1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

AMD is finally retiring GCN. That is great news in itself. Though RDNA has yet to be tested in real world It is nice to know it's new architecture.

UltraNova1587d ago

Surely they didn't replace the old gen architecture with a worse one right?

RabbitFly1587d ago

Well that does actually happen all the time, but AMD probably deserves the benefit of the doubt.

nucky641586d ago

maybe not "tested in real world" - but, i imagine whatever sony uses will have gone under a lot of scrutiny before going into ps5 - they're on top but still can't afford a major misstep.

StormLegend1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

This sounds amazingly good! I also hope they allow us to download update files on games before they release, that would benefit day 1 physical game buyers a lot. And lastly having every graphical option a PC does would be sweet.

KwietStorm_BLM1586d ago

What the hell with the disagrees?

Rimeskeem1586d ago

Trolls, be on the look out

agnosticgamer1586d ago

PC's are generally always ahead of consoles... So Consoles will pretty much never have all graphical options a PC has. Right at the launch Consoles are usually on par with gaming computers, but that doesn't last for long there are always better graphics cards being released PC gamers can upgrade with that Console gamers cannot.

Disagree's are probably keeping reality in-line with dreams.

MajorLazer1586d ago

PC games are also made for a broad range of setups, some very powerful, some mediocre. Whereas consoles already know what hardware is going to be used so performance is maximised. GoW, tLoU 2, Spiderman were made for a console that's 1.84TF yet they look absolutely stunning

KwietStorm_BLM1586d ago

But what does being ahead of consoles have to do with giving console gamers a broader list of settings? How does a PC stop it from being offered on a game console? They already got the ball rolling with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X allowing performance options. Why would deeper settings be a "dream" on PS5?

Kornholic1586d ago

I'm a physical buyer and 99% of the game day one patches take less than 30 min to download with my internet connection.

MajorLazer1586d ago

Not everyone is as lucky. I have a 352Mb connection, soon to be 500 but some people don't even have fibre optic which can be a pain.

DaMist1586d ago

5mbps here, makes me sick to my stomach just typing this lol

mkis0071587d ago

Going to be a much bigger jump than ps3 to ps4. It might even get to close to ps2 to ps3.

PhantomS421587d ago

I'd honestly be shocked if we see a jump like that again, I'd love it, but I'd be shocked.

sprinterboy1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Going from a ps4 or xbox one launch model to proper 4k HDR with the specs that we know about will seem like a huge jump imo.
Edit: if your already 4k gaming then the jump will be small.