1UP: Korg DS-10 Review

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer is an interesting beast. It's not quite a game...yet at the same time, it's the ultimate game. It's infinitely replayable (in that give-a-monkey-a-typewriter-and-eternity kind of way), primarily because it's an actual instrument -- and its limits aren't defined by the software, but by the user. Essentially a superpowered, professional KORG keyboard -- stripped of its plastic knobs and dials and sliders and distilled into a DS cartridge -- DS-10 is almost surreal in its execution. It doesn't come at you with tons of cartoony fonts and one-touch features aimed at the "consumer market" -- instead, it offers an almost intimidating, matter-of-fact, bare-bones interface modeled after the vintage KORG MS-10 keyboard.

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