SuckerPunch looks back at 10 years of inFamous

SuckerPunch: "inFAMOUS turns 10 years old today! From Cole, Trish, Zeke and the team at Sucker Punch, thanks for a decade of being the best fans we could ask for! As we craft Ghost of Tsushima, we thought it would be fun to look back at 10 inFAMOUS facts in honor of 10 years"

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StrengthInNumbers1287d ago

I had a blast playing the first inFamous. It's actually been 10 years already. Wow.

P_Bomb1287d ago

First might still be my favourite. Fun, pretty, smooth, good skill tree and lotsa blast shards to back it up. I liked the ‘Kessler is Cole from a nightmare future come back to manipulate you into succeeding where he failed’ angle. The Beast is coming!

septemberindecember1287d ago

I really wish that the Vita had gotten an exclusive inFamous game. I wasn’t a big fan of Second Son for the PS4, but I did think that they set up a great engine to make more. Haven’t tried First Light though.

SamPao1285d ago

First Light is really nice, its faster and you have more powerfull powers, I can recommend :D

Hardiman1286d ago

I fell I need love with Infamous around 09. That's when I got my first PS3 in the Slim model and man was I blown away by games like Infamous, Uncharted, Resistance among others. But there was just something about Infamous, its character, city and powers that gave me so much joy!

To say I'm excited for Ghosts of Tsushima would be an understatement because after all the years of creating open worlds and all they've learned, I can't wait to see SP's magnum opus!

Donnie811285d ago

Loved the art style of the first infamous. What a great game!

Jls11285d ago

the first one is still the best one

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