RPGSite Valkyria Chronicles Review

"Valkyria Chronicles is truly a genre defining, revolutionary new take on the RPG genre. Even viewed as a strategy RPG, it's excitingly and stunningly fresh, and manages to stand out from the crowd not only by being different but by having an interesting story and beautiful graphics. It might be different, and it might not follow the strict RPG rules to the letter – but give it a try. You might well find the change is long overdue."

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Skyreno4030d ago

im so geting this game on friday when i get pay ^^

I Got 99 Problems Bu4030d ago

i'ma have to scoop this up,jeah

El_Colombiano4030d ago

Haha God I love N4G, these user names are the best!

chaosatom4030d ago

Definitely going to be AA or AAA title.

spectyre4030d ago

I knew it was coming but was like "meh". I saw the demo on Quore and downloaded it. I was hooked almost immediately. To much goodness and not enough time.