MK11 is the first 3rd party game in 14 years to take the #1 software spot on Nintendo hardware

Mortal Kombat 11 was the best-selling game on the Switch in the United States for April 2019. Seeing a third party title top the Switch list was pretty damn fantastic! Hell, seeing any third party title top the software list for Nintendo hardware is something that rarely happens. As a matter of fact, its been 14 years since it last happened!

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PhoenixUp757d ago

Holy crap I didn’t realize it had been that long since this happened

indysurfn755d ago

Yeah well April is the perfect time! People are starting to peep outside and go go go!

Gemmol755d ago

For the people that do not read they are talking about M rated game.....other games with other ratings took 1st

indysurfn753d ago

The article is only 2 paragraphs long. I think you may have read the third comment. The article It self never says anything about M rated games.

strayanalog757d ago

Hard to believe its been that long, but considering it was the Wii eras... I'm not surprised.

Gemmol755d ago

Keyword you missing they said M rated so Nintendo had other games without M rated to be number 1

FallenAngel1984757d ago

Wow this hasn’t happened since Resident Evil 4

It’s not hard to imagine why this hasn’t happened since then but god damn

Gemmol755d ago

It said M rated so other 3rd parties was number 1

TekoIie757d ago (Edited 757d ago )

I'm actually kinda surprised Minecraft couldn't accomplish this.

Neonridr756d ago

Minecraft may have accomplished this. The story isn't entirely accurate. M rated title yes.

KillaT2501756d ago

MK11 is the first M RATED 3rd party game in 14 years to take the #1 software spot on Nintendo hardware. Different story, title is a lie

Neonridr756d ago

correct.. Mario + Rabbids accomplished this already on the Switch when it released.

badz149755d ago

still has Mario in it. hard to think the game would do as well as it did if it's not for Mario

Neonridr755d ago

@badz149 - perhaps.. but it was a really great title.

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