Microsoft E3 2019 Press Conference Could Be Its Longest Ever

The Xbox Brazil YouTube channel reveals the length of the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference, which will potentially be its longest in the history of the show.

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Obscure_Observer29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I´m expecting Microsoft´s E3 2019 Press Conference to be the biggest, longest and most watched games conference of all time, thanks to Sony fans. Lol

I kid I kid

badz14929d ago

because it will be full of 3rd party multiplats

zackeroniii29d ago

2 hours of hearing "exclusive" and "world premiere" followed by weak trailers for their weak first party games, or games that are or will eventually come to ps4...

gidocem28d ago

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fr0sty29d ago

As long as it's 2 hours of games and not 2 hours of "TV, TV, TV, TV, $499"

Pickledpepper28d ago

Multiplates than run better on the X, yes please.
I have a ps4 but mostly play multiplates so my X is my go to console, plus the controller is better

shaggy230328d ago

It wasnt TV TV TV TV at last years E3, no reason it should at this years.

Fishy Fingers29d ago

No doubt they have their pick of 3rd party content to show this year.

King_Noctis29d ago

Alongside their multiple first party contents.

BadElf29d ago

Lol it gets people so upset. The truth

OB1Biker29d ago

And all the new gen stuff even if its not showing any hardware.
Very interesting, no doubt

The 10th Rider28d ago

Yeah, I'm sure they'll have some first party stuff, but without Sony there this year I expect a decent amount of third party stuff.

Hopefully people won't criticize it for the first party stuff though. That always seemed silly to me. A complete lack of first party software is one thing, but showing off exciting new third party software should get everyone excited and make for a good conference as more people are able to play the games.

Mylove151628d ago

I never understood that either. Showing new games or new content of upcoming games is what E3 is all about.

Who give a @#$% if it is 1st or 3rd party.

NoHoHank29d ago

They are definitely announcing Scarlett!

Ricegum29d ago

So soon after people shelled out $499 for an Xbox One X? I sure hope not.

gam3r_4_lif329d ago

You do know X does not stop working the second a new console is released those nearly 4000 games all still work on on it.

Or are you just an idiot?

29d ago

So? How is that any different from Apple or Samsung charging $800 for a phone each year? People still buy them each year.

conanlifts29d ago

Could be announced for early 2020. Plus they could state that the Xbox X will still work but will become their entry level budget console. They don't have to drop support for it.

Zeref29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It's coming out next year. X would have been out for 3 years already.

That's plenty of time. Besides it's not like it stops working lol

timotim29d ago

Well...according to a lot of people on this site, the vast majority of Xbox gamers are still on the OG Xbox One and One S, and not the X. I'm sure once the new Xbox does hit shelves, the X will drop in price, thus becoming even more affordable to those that have yet to pick up one...

mkis00729d ago

Well if the ssd is as fast as patents and cerny say it could be, having any current gen console as a base would hold them back especially first party wise.

SyntheticForm29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


The people who shelled out $499 for an Xbox One X are the 'exact' people who will be willing to shell out 'another' $499 or more for Scarlett. They're the ones with good jobs and disposable income.

They're enthusiastic gamers with money.

29d ago
OB1Biker29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

They already announced new consoles last year. Definitely more about it this year even if not showing the hardware.

chiefJohn11729d ago

Ps5 announcement ah okay, next Xbox oh hell no! too soon. lmao

tontontam028d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"You do know X does not stop working the second a new console is released those nearly 4000 games all still work on on it.

Or are you just an idiot?"

You do know that the original xbox one did not stop working. You fanboys bought the xbox one x because you said that you want the most powerful, you'd be a hypocrite if you don't buy the next xbox just because your xbox one x is still working.

Pickledpepper28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I'm still getting the scarlet

Antifan28d ago

Yes, 2 years ago. And will likely be 3 years after announcement. This argument is dumb. Are we suppose to wait until last person buys the system? If the system is backward Comp, what difference does it make?

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Yup. But I wanna see how Game Pass on Switch will work. Will streaming be the ONLY option or will we be able to download each of these games somehow?

Zeref29d ago

Of course it's gonna be streaming only. Switch can't handle Xbox One games.

Obscure_Observer29d ago


"They are definitely announcing Scarlett!"

I don´t think so. No need to rush anything.

TheColbertinator29d ago

Crimson Skies is returning 👍

shaggy230328d ago

At would be a day one buy gir me if they announce a sequel to Crimson Skies.

Gwiz29d ago

I have a feeling this will be the only thing worth watching

TyrellCorp29d ago

I want to disagree with you but... No Sony, no Nintendo, Ubisoft shows new AC? BG&E2? Bethesda confirmed no Elder Scrolls or Starfield, and EA... Maybe a Star Wars update. I’m sure there’ll be surprises but it’s underwhelming overall, I really hope MS crushes it this year.

Pickledpepper28d ago

Don't watch then.
Watch the E3 ps4.......oh wait, sorry I forgot

RevXM28d ago

perhaps but for me Im curious about the others too, mostly the PC, thq nordic and devolver digital. I think theyre doing it too this year. should be some good there.

ubisoft, activision and ea might show a handful of potentially good games. I know EA is supposedly having a stream for the last jedi. and thats a full on singleplayer game from respawn.
also actually curious about COD this year as its IW doing a MW reboot supposedly focusing a lot on the story and they have some ex naughty dog people working with them on the story and appearantly the game is described as if the entire campaign is grim and gritty like in the spirit of the no russian mission of mw 2.
sounds enticing but by no means guaranties a masterpiece, but they got my attention for sure this time.