Sony's Censorship is Neither Rational Nor Legitimate

VGChartz's Thomas Froehlicher: "When I heard that Sony had banned PQube from publishing Omega Labyrinth Z in the West, I sincerely hoped that it would be an isolated case. However, that hope quickly faded. My alert levels rose further when Marvelous announced that it had to delay Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal to comply with Sony's new censorship policies. Senran Kagura being much bigger than Omega Labyrinth saleswise, it quickly became clear that the issue was of significant importance."

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1846d ago

Of course it isn't. Are you an adult or a child who still doesn't know why censorship is bad?

1845d ago
gangsta_red1845d ago

Lol, I find it strange that you're asking me if I'm an adult because I don't care if Sony censors loli , weeb, cartoon little girls with over sized anatomies getting their towels ripped off by tentacle monsters.

frostypants1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Government censorship is bad. Business censorship is the choice of a private entity. This is so not a big deal. Speak with your wallet if not seeing cartoon boobs bothers you this much. What's the problem? "Childish" is the sense of entitlement (and outrage over not getting your cartoon boobs).

jeki1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

It isn't really censorship though. It's a private company making a decision that they feel best serves them. It's freedom.

rainslacker1845d ago


Technically, I guess if we want to look at it on that level, it's not that Sony is doing the censoring. They're just not allowing the game to release on the system in the form the devs make it, and if the devs want to release it on the system, they are the one's that have to censor it. The dev has the choice to not release it on the system if they so choose, or censor it so they can.

But, since it's Sony's policy making that the case, it is like Sony is virtually censoring these products.

Such an explanation is a bit wordy to have to explain every time, and I think the context of "Sony is censoring these games" is suitable given the situation. Pretty much the same as how some movies get changed to be able to release on various levels of broadcast or cable TV....except in this case, the decision is made by the company, and not general FTC mandates on what's acceptable, although some networks do apply their own rules

jeki1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )


"Such an explanation is a bit wordy to have to explain every time."

There is no need to explain it every time, at least not to me.

It's at the point where people are arguing over word usage. When I think of censorship I think of government prohibition, something terribe. Others think disallowing the n-word on game servers is censorship. One is awful, the other is perfectly fine. One is censorship, the other is not.

I limit the term censorship to situations where someone's right are being trampled. For example, when those guys were banned from Facebook recently their supporters screamed censorship. They don't have a right to, or are even entitled to, a Facebook page, so it was not censorship.

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HisokaTheMagician1846d ago

Sony removed part of a game's logo because the W letter looked like boobs. You are actually insane if you defend something like this.

gamer78041845d ago

its switch/nintendo for me next generation for third party games, sony has lost its marbles and gone full sjw, when i saw they even changed the logo and had to change the name of the game because it was so censored and different...

gangsta_red1845d ago

Oh no! A logo!?! Well I'm definitely canceling my Sony subscription now.

gidocem1845d ago

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krauley1845d ago

maybe sony is not as tacky as you are....

jeki1845d ago

No one has to defend it. It's a choice they made and that's that.

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Maybay1846d ago

I agree with gangster red. Underage exploitation is inappropriate.

Rachel_Alucard1846d ago

Point me where the censorship was to target underage exploitation.

Chexs19901846d ago

They censored Devil May Cry 5. Please do enlighten me, as to where the underage exploitation is found in that game?

TheGamez1001846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Even in games where the women are clearly over 18 are getting censored, its not just these supposed "underage exploitation" you think exists. Censorship removes content which enrages us and affects us, the consumers, and developers to create what they intended. The fanservice games have never crossed the line such as actually showing full nudity. It was completely fine even in games that have shown full nudity and even sex like witcher 3, heavy rain, and gta. The fanservice games are really only bought by such a niche audience and has been like that til now and has been completely fine. Then of course some a**hole brings it up as a policy and ruins it for us then ppl like you agree that its wrong when really it doesn't affect anyone in a bad way at all...
Its crazy ppl think murdering, guns, guts, gore, and torture with REAL-LIKE GRAPHICS are completely "appropriate/fine" but cartoony anime titties are not lol.

dparente741845d ago

wow 39 dislikes... so many in favor pedophilia. sick ....

CrimsonWing691845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

What the hell are you talking about!? What pedophile game is out on any console or do you usually talk out your ass?

rainslacker1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

I think most would agree with that as well.

Now that we established that, perhaps you could talk about the actual topic at hand?

I mean, I've asked the mods if this kind of discussion about underage porn or whatever is even on topic to this subject, since you can count on one hand, maybe one and a half, out of the 50 or so games that have currently been changed or not coming to the system, the number of games which include the "underage porn" that people say is the sole victim of Sony's policy.

I guess the underage porn argument works when you can't think of a better argument though, or you just want to try and shame others because you have nothing better to do. Enjoy that ego boost I guess.

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Varodor1845d ago

are you pedo?

gangsta_red1845d ago

I'm a pedo for disagreeing with this article and saying Sony's censorship is legitimate and rational?

Or are you asking me because you're looking for like minded friends with the same interests and hobbies as you?

1845d ago
Varodor1845d ago

@ gangsta_red
No need to go so defensive.
l just ask "are you are pedo?"
How can you blame this on Sony when five COUNTRIES actually didn't even want the game imported?

gangsta_red1845d ago

Maybe your issue is your inability to actually read that's causing the confusion here. I am not blaming Sony at all. This would be the second time I've told you this.

rainslacker1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

For the record, even though you aren't asking me, I am against this policy in it's current form.
For the record, no, I'm not a pedo.

That out of the way, I have to ask,

How can you ask if he's a pedo, when what is being censored isn't defined as pedophilia, or even illegal? This same content is releasing on Steam or Switch(of all places), and yet, you don't see law enforcement arresting retailers for selling, placing injunctions of Nintendo for allowing it, game developers and publishers being put in jail for creating it, or the person buying the games being arrested and put on the sex offenders registry for possessing it.

Seriously, the people saying this is about child porn, or some level of child exploitation/porn, are seriously some of the most misinformed, misguided, and ultimately come across as some of the most idiotic on this site....and that's saying a lot.

I actually think Sony's reasoning on this is rational. It's logical in the sense that they don't want to promote this kind of stuff. I don't feel the reasoning to get to that rationale is really substantiated in the grand scheme of things because their rationale, and logic to get to that rationale, is based on a small subset of the larger market, and that subset hasn't had any real negative effect on game sales, nor has having this content been a burden to Sony, or any other console maker/store front who decides it's acceptable on their platform.

I think the policy is legitimate, because Sony can do pretty much whatever they want. It sucks, but it's the way it is, and it's the right of any platform or store front to decide what can be on said hardware/service. Whether we like it or not doesn't change that, and all we can do is express our support or disdain for those decisions, vote with our wallet if we feel it necessary, or leave it be. There may be other courses of action one can take, but outside monetary impact to the platforms in question, they aren't likely to do much in response.

Varodor1844d ago

@ rainslacker
For the record, I did not ask you. Thank

Varodor1845d ago

l know you are sad green troll.
Why pretending you not anti-sony. Your comment history is giving you away.

CrimsonWing691845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

No, actually it isn’t, especially in M rated games. You’re going to tell me when your competition doesn’t censor games that you do, that it’s rational? Let’s just lens flair butt cracks because god forbid there be any nudity in an R rated game but let’s rip peoples’ heads off and disembowel them because that’s better.

Get out of here if you think that way!