Star Citizen Gets New Videos Showing Origin 300 Series, a Glimpse of Microtech, Caves, and More

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium released a brand new videos showcasing upcoming goodies that will be added to the game in the short and long term.

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Bismarn149d ago

Y'all realize this is going to be the biggest video game scandal of all time when this game disappears, right?

web1017149d ago

So their main focus right now is to have lots of colorful ships with different design and a bunch of colorful plants?

RizBiz149d ago

I feel like the devs of Star Citizen could give the Oceans Eleven crew a run for their money for biggest swindlers of all time.

thesoftware730149d ago

Nope you guys are wrong..This is the game!..give these guys more money and they will show yall some awesome ships, talk about why the different ships would be awesome to play with..then you could set up imaginary ship, dog fights in your head..its like fantasy sports .AWESOME!

BrianOBlivion149d ago

Yeah yeah...blah blah... stopped caring a few years ago.