After Rage 2 these are the developer team-ups we’d like to see next

After Id Software and Avalanche Studios worked together on Rage 2 we suggest the other studios we'd like to see team-up on a project.

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Community53d ago
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-Foxtrot54d ago

Volition and Rare to make a new Conker?

Or maybe Rare and Playtonic Games

TheGuitarist54d ago

Playtonic would have been too obvious a choice but I can see where you’re going with it.
I just thought that Volition do lewd and anarchic humour pretty well.

tomut53d ago

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T1125P53d ago

No. ID should have just made RAGE 2 without Avalanche Studios. They could have used their ID Tech 7 engine. RAGE 2 was not even worth the torrent. I deleted that crap.

Razzer52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Losers pirate games.

IamTylerDurden152d ago (Edited 52d ago )

While i'm not down for pirating, i do agree that Rage 2 would've been better served as strictly an id joint. I felt this way when the game was announced and judging from reactions to the release i appear to be right. The original Rage had some deficiencies. The open world wasn't huge and the story was relatively weak, but it featured best in class visuals, great combat, great tech, a very atmospheric environment, a perfect mix of serious & sophomoric in terms of tone, and it set an excellent foundation for the future.

I just never understood why Avalanche was brought in. The only reason i can see is that id needed someone to do the heavy lifting as they were busy on DOOM. However, why Rage 2 at this moment? I truly believe there is more than meets the eye here and one day we will get the full scoop. Was this code from a failed sequel to Mad Max? Did id see an opportunity to get Rage 2 done on the cheap? I just don't get it because the portion that id contributed is flawless. The combat is Rage 2's shining light and only reason to play from what i can see, whereas, Avalanche's contributions are the problem. A zany tone that makes us care little for anything that is actually happening in its weak story. Weak characters, a weak open world that almost seems forced, and a 13 hr golden path. Even the visuals are poor.

Rage 2 seems like the worst parts of Just Cause and Mad Max jammed into a box with great, over the top id combat. It's a shame that id didn't finish DOOM Eternal and then start a full next gen development cycle for Rage 2 using id Tech 7 and solely developed by id. They should've brought in a few open world experts like GG did with HZD, a proper team of writers to embolden the story, and they should've made the sequel they originally planned on back in 2011. It would've launched right in the sweet spot of next gen and it likely would've set the bench for visuals in an open world fps. As long as the story was was adequate and the open world was competent it would've been Rage's redemption and the new franchise they thought they were launching eight years ago.

Mylove151652d ago

SSM and CD pro for what ever RPG they could think of.

Elda52d ago

Beat the game in 5 days,it was pretty fun.

Razzer52d ago

I'm still playing and I agree, it is a fun game.