Worried About the Switch's Slow Start to 2019? Play Your Backlog You Slacker

You know how action movie heroes creep through a quiet, dimly-lit area and mutter "It's quiet... too quiet" right before something horrible drops on their head? A lot of Switch owners get the same vibe when they look at Nintendo's 2019 release schedule. They’re currently in a big lull, but there's no doubt something is on the ceiling (probably some kind of Pokemon), and it's about to start salivating on them.

Granted, the Switch isn't the only system having a slow 2019. The first half of the year has been sleepy in general. EA's Anthem quickly fell off a cliff, and though games like the Resident Evil 2 remake, Devil May Cry 5, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice command happy buzz on social, there isn't a lot of "Wow-wee!" to their success. As Kat points out, the excellent indie title Katana Zero might be the only surprise thus far.

Aside from Katana Zero, the Switch's 2019 is largely being sustained by ports. Great ports, mind you, but ports nonetheless.

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TheProfessional21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Always excuses, same story as the wii u. The switch had two good exclusives at launch (one of which was also on another system) and then...nothing. Just ports for a year except super smash bros. No amazing new IPs or exclusives coming for at least another year or more. This is where some fanboy posts a list of throwaway 2d indies and sidescrollers and acts like they're legit releases....sorry but the game selection on switch sucks. I mean real games not trash indies you can play on any phone or pc. Nintendo shouldve thought farther ahead when they started developing exclusives.

Gemmol21d ago

Go back to ps4 first 3 years and then find me a console that do not have ports it’s first 3 years

DasTier21d ago

Two good exclusives at launch? Breath of the Wild & Snipperclips?

RobtimusPrime21d ago

C'mon man. It was BOTW & 1-2 Switch!

RobtimusPrime21d ago

@ TheProfessional
They'll get a Pokemon game that's split into & sold as 2 games so their fanboys can count it as TWO major releases in the holiday it will outsell everything except COD. Nintendo cult will claim it was a great year.

@ Gemmol
PS4 didn't need to rely on ports it's 1st 3 years.
PS4 1st 3 years were loaded with AAA 3rd party blockbusters. Switch? >Crickets<
Switch hasn't finished it's 3rd year but it won't have the number of 1st OR 3rd party blockbusters that PS4 had it's 1st 3 years. Horrible comparison dude.

King_Noctis21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

“No amazing new IPs or exclusives coming for at least another year or more.”

I’d say the likes of Town, Astral Chain, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Ultimate Marval Alliance are great “exclusives” that are coming up.

Ricegum21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Astral Chain looks great. The others are just okay. When you couple that with the Switch's poor third party quality, expensive ports of old games and non-existent online capabilities Nintendo are definitely lacking. And this is coming from someone who has owned it since launch. Hopefully they'll start at least putting out some SNES or N64 games each month as part of their subscribtion service. I can't see myself picking it up again until Astral Chain or Pokemon release.

TheGamez10021d ago

The only amazing exclusives have been botw and xenoblade 2 for me so far. Not a fan of mario and smash is just....the same. Sure theres been a few nice other games and ports but nothing huge. Its all just ports of games ive already played and dont want to fork out another $40-$60 for and just millions of indies. So I haven't really liked and used my switch as much as I want to.
It is just the 1st 2 years of the new console so you cant expect a whole lot. Its usually the 3rd and beyond that really kicks things off. The switch is very successful compared to the wii u so the future looks bright. Excited to see what they do at e3.

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PhoenixUp21d ago

Switch only received a relatively packed first year in terms of exclusives because Nintendo dramatically l pulled so much support for Wii U in its latter years.

This rate of new releases last year and this year is most likely the standard pace moving forward. It could very well improve next year, but don’t expect anything in terms of beating 2017’s pace going forward.

OzzY-waZZy21d ago

Haven't touched my Switch since BotW.. didn't finish it. Looking forward to Link's Awakening, and other Zelda ports.

Nerdmaster21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I'm working on Octopath Traveler now. I want to finish it before the Break, Boost and Beyond concert in the end of july.