Banjo and Kazooie in 'For HD Eyes Only'

Kombo writes: Congratulations, Rare. You've just lost a customer.

Word has gotten around that the demo of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is rather hard to read on a standard-definition TV. As such, there have been complaints about it in places such as the NeoGAF forums, and as such, Rare Community Manager George K. told everyone that they were looking into the text issue for the retail version of the game. So that was good. Until this came back...

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jay24568d ago

People who struggle to read the text in SD need to ware glasses, I'v tried and could with no prblem.

OgTheClever4568d ago

It's actually impossible in LBP to read the number of people currently playing on each level in the cool section, on an SDTV, however close to the screen you are - and I do wear glasses.

robotnik4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

Dead Rising had that problem too.

gaffyh4568d ago

Everyone should buy a HDTV anyway, when you watch something in HD and compare it to SD you'll realise how awesome HD actually is.

Capt CHAOS4568d ago

Mind you, it's one of those big ones.. 26" I think..

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Bots Of A Feather Fl4568d ago

I'll stick with my N64 copy of Banjo

GiantEnemyLobster4568d ago

Us Xbox 360 owners all own an HDTV, since we still had plenty of money left over after buying our 360s.

Poor PStards are broke or in debt after spending 599 US dollars on their patchstation 3 that they can't afford an HDTV so they have to borrow their grandma's 1970 tube TV

PoSTedUP4568d ago

i LIKE my tube t.v. thank you very much >: 0. dont be dissin the tube man. XD

0verdrive4568d ago

lol lobster, you must have like a 19" hdtv, because thats probably all your going to get from ALL that money you saved by buying an xbox. oh wait, thats right, 17" 480p kuz of xbox live? oh yeah, how about that wifi...or maybe you just go over to your neighbors house to play.

seriously, though. that saving money on xbox argument is so old.

The Unwanted Truth4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

The Xbox 360 is still cheaper than the PS3, despite your claims.

Xbox 360 Arcade model: $199.99
+ 5 Arcade games, 1 Wireless Controller, 2 Games bundled with it, LIVE trials
Xbox LIVE 13 months: $49.99
20GB + 3 months of LIVE: $29.99
Gears of War 2: $59.99
Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts: $39.99

To the grand total of $379.95 + individual tax, you get an Xbox 360, 16 months of LIVE, and 4 games.

Contrast that to the 80GB PS3.

80GB PS3: $399.99
+ Dualshock 3 controller
+ Blu-ray drive remote

To the grand total of $399.99 + individual tax, you get a Playstation 3, Dualshock 3 controller, Blu-ray drive remote, free online, no games.

The unwanted truth.

CloudsEnd4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

Hm in Germany there is such a Bundle:

Playstation 3
80GB Hard Disc Drive
1 Dual Shock 3 Controller
HDMI Cable
Playstation 3 Remote
Uncharted Drakes Fortune
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
One Blu Ray Movie
Free Online Gaming

for 399€.

The unwanted truth.. huh?

The Unwanted Truth4568d ago

Great... 399€... Americans can really afford that mess. Converting American dollars to Euros at this time of economical crisis is the most logical thing to do.

I'll looking of Sorry, this is an American price comparison, though in the UK, there's crazy bundles over at some Sainsbury stores. Bundles like Arcade models + 2 games of your choice for 169 pounds or something to that extend.

Also I forgot to mention, you can use the Dell deal on the 360 so you can potentially get a Xbox 360 Arcade for $159.

$339.95 + individual tax, with that reasoning, you can throw in Left 4 Dead for $51.99 at Amazon.

$391.94 + individual tax, 5 games now.

The unwanted truth.

CloudsEnd4568d ago

I guess its not my problem that America sucks. :D

But, you cant rely on your Xbox, i know it.
I bought one, it died on me, now i got another one,
and i spent more money to the Xbox than to the PS3.
Not because of the games, i dont got many games for xbox,
because i dont like every f*cking shooter for the xb360.
Its because i needed to buy another one, because microsoft
cant do a console that runs. :)
Why did i bought another one? Because i dont want a
Next Gen libary without all the consoles.

Jeje, unwanted truth.
I guess u know why u are unwanted, because you know that u
spend more money on xbox consoles because they die to fast,
than to a PS3.

I did not got any games with my Xb360, and i dont get a
20$ HDD + 3 Months XBL, because that service it not available
in europe, i checked, because someone gave me a link to it.

Your calculations fail mah boi.
Im off sleeping.

I hope i never gonna see any of ur posts again, you Unwanted Being.

FCC4568d ago

Damned huge contrast in prices there.

CAPT IRISH4568d ago

unwanted truth needs to get a life

robotnik4568d ago

Unwanted truth is getting owned hard.

0verdrive4567d ago

what you speak is not "truth" its just unwanted.

yawn, if you want a stripped down basic version of a xbox i SUPPOSE you could argue that, but i mean, i could argue that i can get a car that has 4 wheels, an engine, and a seat for new for 2 thousand dollars. the point is, that most everyone is not going to buy a arcade bundle, they are probably going to spend more to get the pro, and even if they do buy an arcade version they are going to spend enough money on accessories to make it comparable to a pro version price wise.

the bottom line is there is no way you are going to save enough money buying a 360 to be able to afford a hdtv. youll save AT MOST $200, and that is leaving you with a console WITHOUT a hdd, no accessories, no wifi, no live, and no bd player. $200 is not going to buy you a hdtv, it can barely buy you a decent monitor.

FCC4567d ago

Your analogy actually really fails to grasp what's being said here. You also missed a part in his little comparison.

"20GB + 3 months of LIVE: $29.99"

There is a hdd, there is Live. No wifi, but some people don't have wireless routers but it's still nice to have.

0verdrive4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

regardless of whether or not the xbox has an hdd, the main point of the argument and the relevance to the article is that you are NOT going to save enough money on buying an xbox, albeit the $200 arcade version, to buy an hdtv. i just include the stripped down arcade version because that is going to save you the most money, and the amount of money you are saving is the thing in question.

im not trying to argue that the ps3 is cheaper than an xbox, its pretty obvious that it isnt. but thats not to say that it is not as good of a deal or better than a cheap xbox, if you can fork up the money.

however, the original argument was that one could use saved money on an xbox vs a ps3 to buy an hdtv, and im just pointing out that that is a weak argument.

and to add: the unwanted truth claims that a arcade bundle is 199 and includes 2 bundled games. he claims he saw it at bestbuy, but i have yet to see anything even close to a deal like that. also, he is comparing ps3 retail vs deals on xbox if you buy a computer, and games on amazon, which sells for reduced prices. at least keep it consistent.

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Rob0g0rilla4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

Time to upgrade. HDTVs are getting cheaper and cheaper.

A lot better then what it cost 3 years ago. There's even more cheaper then that and around the holidays the prices will come down even more.

PS3 and 360 game are optimized to play in HD. Some actually suffer when played in SD. If you can spend 200 or 400 dollars on a PS3 or 360 and buy 60 dollar games then come on. Might as well stick to a PS2 if you don't plan on playing them in HD.

LBD_Nytetrayn4568d ago

Not that cheap. Feel free to donate, though, since you've clearly got enough money to talk.

stiggs4568d ago

I have 3 HDTV sets. I also have a Master's Degree and a 50 hr./week job. It's interesting that you complain about the cost of your hobby yet you are willing to ask for a gift to support that hobby from a total stranger. That paints a pretty vivid picture of someone who's petty and self entitled. Sorry, but I'll stick to donating to worthy charities.

LBD_Nytetrayn4568d ago

Oh, bugger off. I was clearly being facetious, and don't even try to hide behind the "it's the internet, I can't tell" excuse. I'm not looking for a handout, but I can't just decide to say "Oh, I think I'll go buy an HDTV today, for lack of anything else to spend all my money on."

No, like many others, I have bills and things to pay, and an HDTV just doesn't fit into my list of priorities right now, especially not with the economy in the state it's in.

I'll gladly buy an HDTV once I can afford it, but in the meantime, it would be nice if Microsoft would show a little more consideration for those who love this hobby, but can't afford such luxuries just to keep playing in it. If they want to be that elitist about it, then maybe the damn thing shouldn't work on SDTVs at all. Problem solved.

Why o why4568d ago

let me guess, you own an XBOX ELITE right?

im kidding but ill spend 1oo quid on games a moth yet i would never pay the .00000000004 pence a day (whatever it is) for xbox live. Ill admit that hdtvs and next gen consoles do go hand in hand but not everybody is as organised, fortunate or stupid with their cash as the rest of us.

JoySticksFTW4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

I have a pretty good set-up too, but I don't go rubbing it in other gamers' faces, you arrogant arse

I hope you slip and fall, bang your head, and become an even bigger retard than you are now - Mr Masters Degree

You and Da Man have fun watcing your three hdtv's ;)

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Kyur4ThePain4568d ago

You bought an HD console, buy an HDTV.

Bnet3434568d ago

Bubbles for you. "oh but I can't afford it" bullsh*t. you got money to buy games buy an HDTV their not that expensive anymore.

LastDance4568d ago

haha...logic is a virtue guys;)....learn it.

LBD_Nytetrayn4568d ago

1) It was a gift, so no, I didn't even buy it. A friend upgraded his 360, and gave his old one to me.

2) I really can't afford to just go and spend $400 like that.

BWS19824568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

a matter of hard work=lots of money. Yes, most of the time, it does. I'm an exception, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I have severe Crohns disease, and my life came tumbling around me in pieces, I can't even work and I'm disability until they can figure out how to treat me. I'm not looking for pity, so don't go there, I'm pointing out that when someone loses their income and they have an expertise and good capacity to earn, it's not always "stupid lazy people" that should exit your naive mouths.

I could afford an HDTV 2 years ago when I was healthy, the day after Thanksgiving, got one for $200, but what I'm saying is I've been on both sides of the fence. Try to consider the many shades of gray in this world, please.

MiloGarret4568d ago

Don't bother man, kids won't understand untill they actually have to live without the support of their parents and start paying their own sh!t.

jspc19894568d ago

to turn around and say ''you have a hd console you shud have brought a hdtv'' needs to take their head out from where the sun doesn't shine.

I myself do have one, but i completely understand everyone who doesnt. Yes they have gotten alot cheaper but theyre stil comparatively very expensive. An average 32" inch costs around £200-300 here in the UK for a 720p. And im sorry but if there are people on this website who really genuinly think that isnt expensive to someone who maybe has a mortgage, a car, and family to feed then they need a wake up call.

The day this website starts getting personal about other peoples financial statuses is the day i seriously consider leaving.

cheapndirty4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

There are many people that get into next gen gaming and choose not to or can not buy an HDTV. Maybe they have other pressing things to use their money on. Maybe they do not want to spend it just yet. The console makers are aware that people still use SDTV. How else can you explain that the ps3 includes composite cables?

I have been very fortunate to be able to have the extra money to buy an HDTV projector and plasma tv, but that does not qualify me (nor anyone else) to look down or belittle others that can not or will not.

BWS19824567d ago

I went to my first gastroenterologist specialist's office in June at Rush University, that bill alone, for ONE appointment (an office visit because my old GI doc couldn't treat me anymore), was more than you can get a PS3 and a game for right now. They billed that appointment $495 dollars. Money doesn't stretch, it rips.

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beavis4play4568d ago

what's the big deal? isn't what is shown in text being said by characters? it isn't necessary to read the text is it? but if it's necessary to read the text, then bit mistake by rare.

GiantEnemyLobster4568d ago

Banjo uses its trademark'd mumbling instead of voice acting. Voice acting would ruin it, think if a Zelda game had voice acting. eww.

LBD_Nytetrayn4568d ago

As noted, they do the mumbling thing. If everything written was also spoken, that would be less of a problem. Unless, of course, you're deaf or hard of hearing. But I'm not going to go into that, except to say I definitely sympathize.

MiloGarret4568d ago

Yes, forcing people to read is always a mistake.