Why Nintendo Is Right To Be Cautious With Mobile

Unsavoury aspects of the mobile sector limit cross-platform potential.

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Positivelypositive 32d ago

Nintendo should lead mobile into a new era where it is more like consoles and real gaming. Not the current insult to gamers cash store pay to win watch an ad for an extra life or purchase currency to play more garbage.

huceyetiwi32d ago

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mikeslemonade31d ago

Nintendo can only blame themselves. Gameboy started mobile.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro32d ago

I agree, but they won't do that until their consoles are all gone and mobile would be their main platform. And when would that be? Maybe never.

chris23531d ago

the last time nintendo was right about something was more than 2 decades ago (snes controller).

BrettAwesome28d ago

Seems to me like they're doing ok though. Wouldn't you say, Chris?