Resident Evil 4 sent the series on a downward spiral from which it's only just recovered

From Eurogamer: "It's always a pleasure to get reacquainted with an old classic, so what's better than the chance to get reacquainted with three of them all at once? It's a bit of a bumper week on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now, with Resident Evil Zero, the 2002 remake of the original and Resident Evil 4 all suddenly available."

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FallenAngel1984696d ago

This article didn’t even bother mentioning Resident Evil: Revelations 1 & 2. Those titles combined the horror from the first three games with the great controls of post RE4 titles into one great package

naruga695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

REsident evil Revelations 1 -2 were the foam of the sht , the peak of a disatrous course ...imo its a blasphyme someones who likes RE 1-2-3 to like the Revelations abominations (the same goes for RE 7) ...i can say RE 4 -5-6 could be "swallowed" a bit with difficulty because had stellar gameplay but they were not Resident Evil ...Re 7+revelations were out of theme completely end of story

Kosic695d ago

I disagree those games were rubbish. Stupid story lines and the 2nd one was just pathetic. Felt poor in quality and was just made for the sake off it. Not as bad as re6 but they aren't great survive horror games. I can't call them true re games either as when the 4th came out the series isn't what it used to be.

AK91695d ago

What? It was 6 that sent the series on a downward spiral not 4.

solideagle695d ago

yup Resident Evil 4 was brilliant...

CobraKai695d ago

True, but it sounds more like Capcom relied too heavily on the play mechanics of 4 when creating its sequels which resulted in its downward spiral. They never criticized 4 as being a low point. On the contrary, it was a pinnacle for the franchise, that it went all downhill after.

I personally loved 5 and liked 6, so I dunno how far down this spiral supposedly went

Benjaminkno694d ago

5 was good tho not survival horror

porkChop695d ago

RE4 is where the push towards action started though. I think that might be what they mean by downward spiral.

Sirk7x694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

The action was great though in 4, and even in 5 the controls were very fun. The problem after 4 was lack of horror atmosphere, and convoluted story-telling.

KwietStorm_BLM695d ago

4 is where it started. It was an entirely different game from what they created previously, and not just from a controls standpoint. 5 and 6 just followed suit. People praise RE4 a lot as a game, but don't look at what the approach, and it's following success, did to the franchise.

Hardiman695d ago

Yeah I agree and I see lots give 5 a pass but man I did not care for it at all! it wasn't a bad game per say, neither was 6 from design standpoints but they just did not feel like RE to me.

Hardiman695d ago

I think they aren't saying 4 was bad but it's design led to 5 and 6.

Imalwaysright695d ago

It's design also led to the original Dead Space so I have to disagree with the people that say that RE4 was responsible for anything negative for the franchise. The downspiral started with the people behind RE5 and RE6.

Hardiman694d ago

@Imalwaysright didn't see it blame RE4 for everything, just the RE series. Dead Space rocks, for obvious reasons!

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Yui_Suzumiya695d ago

I'm currently nearing the end of Resident Evil VII and my goodness I'm loving it. This is by far the best Resident Evil ever. Next I'm going to play the remake of Resident Evil 2.


Are you playing on PSVR?

Sonyslave3695d ago

Agree I'm just now playing it too and wow it crazy Mia had me and my family tripping out.

Resident evil 2 remake I would say is the better zombie game.

Hardiman695d ago

Yes it has the old school RE vibe to it, even with some of the structure layout. I also loved the "Everyman " approach and thought it added to the experience. He wasn't trained or a badass, he was just like a lot of us would be in a similar situation.

I hope the mainline games stick with contained contamination areas, preferably rural areas and have regular people dealing with the horrors.

They can keep remaking some of the more traditional games and eventually lead up to something big.

TheColbertinator695d ago

Despite the complaints I have towards Resident Evil, it's actually remained a rather solid series which does try out new ideas quite often. The only "bad" games in the Resident Evil series to me were only the spinoffs.

Ninver695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

I disagree. Res4 brought a fresh and much needed vibe to the series. It was dark, story driven and action packed where necessary.

Saying that, I may be a little bias because I never really played much of the first three iterations. I watched family members play while I watched.

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