Now it's GTA 5 and Witcher 3's turn to get the ray-tracing treatment

From Eurogamer: "Ray tracing is the hot new thing in video game graphics - so hot in fact that Sony's already announced the PlayStation 5 will be capable of it. So we're starting to see existing games with the tech enabled - with impressive results.

Digital Foundry has already reported on Half-Life 2, Minecraft and Crysis with ray tracing enabled. But I wanted to point to a couple of videos that show what Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Witcher 3 look like with ray tracing."

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To be honest, I think we need more advanced physics instead of this. Don't get me wrong, Ray Tracing is cool but I don't think is a game changer.

assassin2k21d ago

Definitely this. If devs work on advanced AI it will literally be a game changer, because you will have to think smart. I get fed up of bullet sponges in games. Imagine you vs a team of even 4 or 5 intelligent AI. It would feel like a different game and feel so much more real, plus it would HUGELY extend gameplay longevity as you couldn't just go in like Rambo. Every fight would become a tactical puzzle and would be extremely tense. Not to mention the hugely enhanced sense of achievement at overcoming against the odds.

WeedyOne21d ago

Yall should play crysis 1 on pc. Still has some off the best physics and ai in all of gaming. The sequals are pretty visually but did not have as good of physics and ai since they were designed for consoles.

abstractel21d ago

The thing is, this isn't a game that was built to use raytracing so you're not going to see a massive difference (although it does look good). When games are developed with raytracing in mind from the ground up, the difference will be massive.

For lighting you'll start to see subtle shadow shifts as enemies move around, giving you a sense of a presence that can be very powerful.

For reflections it can impact gameplay by allowing you to see enemies (and more) without being able to shoot them. Many movies have very clever mirror tricks that could be implemented as gameplay elements.

Also, raytracing can be used for non-visual gameplay elements, including much better AI.

fr0sty21d ago

Physics is fine for the most part, unless you're trying to tear down skyscrapers. AI and animation are the areas I'd like to see addressed.

porkChop21d ago

AI hasn't really seen much progression in the past 2 generations. That needs to change next gen. Rather than utilize ray tracing hardware, I would rather have had one of those dedicated AI chips that we see in newer phones. They process AI tasks 7x faster than a normal CPU can.

meep31621d ago

Ai peaked with F.E.A.R. and is usually much worse than that now.

starchild21d ago

I agree that more advanced physics would be nice, but ray tracing absolutely is a game changer. I'd say it provides the biggest leap in realism since things like real time shadows, normal mapping or physically based rendering.

meep31621d ago

I don’t think it’s a zero sum game.

Cobra95121d ago

Real-time ray tracing will be a game changer when the technology catches up to it. That's not happening this year or next year. Hardware just isn't good enough yet.

tontontam021d ago

Well if you think about it ray tracing is also advanced physics simulation.

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Kaedro21d ago

Honestly I never saw a before after video of Ray Tracing that made me go "wow this greatly improves the graphics". Its always very minimal changes and these small changes greatly affect performance in a negative way. I think it would be much better to use the hardware power to create more realistic physics, weather, A.I., and most important of all PROVIDE NEW AND ENHANCED GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCES.

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