Playdate – how I’m already in love with the cranky little handheld

TSA writes: "In a world that’s often besotted with any and everything new, gaming is a place that genuinely new or different ideas don’t always find a place. The hardware cycle is even more set in stone, with the big three – pour one out for Sega – dominating the headlines and the marketplace with their own take on what gamers want."

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SegaGamer884d ago

Whatever floats your boat I guess. I just don't see why anybody would a pay $140 for a tiny black and white screen, something that looks uncomfortable to hold, and something that will only be releasing 1 game a week for 12 weeks.

CDbiggen884d ago

$140 for that!? What a piece of shit xD.
Looks like one of those 1001-games-in-one cheap devices my gran bought me from the bargain shop back in the 90s.

jeki883d ago

$140 is not a lot of money to some of us.

good_sk8er883d ago

Cool, waste your 140 then.

jeki883d ago


It wouldn't be a waste to me.

CDbiggen883d ago

$140 is not a lot of money overall, but I wasn't saying it was in the first place. This thing is not worth $140.

Realms883d ago


Yeah that's not a lot of money for a lot of people but the value proposition is not good for what it is, spend your money how you see fit but don't try to justify that by acting like it's a good deal. It cost half of what a Switch costs your better off just buying a Switch.

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InMyOpinion884d ago

@SegaGamer - It seems to be designed with hipsters in mind. :D

spicelicka884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

People seem to have a hard on for minimalistic oversimplified things now days. It's neat for sure, but wayy overpriced.

884d ago
rainslacker883d ago

I've paid more than that for some retro systems and their limited supply of games.

But that was for collection purposes. I don't know if this would be that collectable.

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ruefrak884d ago

It seems like everyone is falling over themselves for this thing. And yet, for the same price, the new Intellivision looks to be 1000x better and everyone craps on it. I just don't get it.

Magog884d ago

Maybe they should have made the intellivision black and white and a handheld. J/K. The original Intellivision could probably outperform this terrible gimmick.

The 10th Rider884d ago

Hell, you could find a used Switch, PS4, or Xbox One for just slightly more.

isarai884d ago

Wish it were cheaper, the devs behind the games make this sound VERY appetizing to me, but $150 is just too damn much

-Foxtrot884d ago

I wonder if people will be able to mod this to run NES / SNES / Sega Megadrive / Gameboy games

Magog884d ago

In black and white? What would be the point?

RedDevils883d ago

why don't they just use their phone?

Pedantic91884d ago

A fool and his money are soon parted....

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