Everybody’s Golf VR Review (TheSixthAxis)

TSA writes: "It may not have the same hardboiled action movie thrills as the upcoming Blood & Truth, the twisted humour of Trover Saves the Universe, or heroic power fantasies of Iron Man, yet Everybody’s Golf VR is a game that PSVR owners should not overlook."

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Apocalypse Shadow32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It's a great game and another fine showing from Sony after Astrobot. It's fun just like the older golf games all the way back to the first hot shots golf. Got a +4 on my first 9 in. And -2 on the 3 holes. But I'm at least not slicing or hooking. So there's room for improvement. Practicing range is very helpful. Maybe dlc down the line will add mini golf or 2 player for those multi player gamers.

Hopefully Blood and Truth continues Sony's run of in house quality VR games next week.

32d ago