The Insider #108 – The Sorry State of Square Enix

The latest episode of The Insider looks at the future of Square-Enix and what troubles possibly lie ahead.

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PhoenixUp692d ago

They better announce FFXVI soon. We’ve never gone this long without seeing any info on the next mainline FF title

TheGamez100691d ago

Oh God no. Let them finish ff7r first then they can begin 16. Their newer ffs and other games in general have been horribly weak for the last decade, let them learn/remember from what made ff7 so great. 16 can wait til next gen and AFTER the completion of ff7r. If they'd even make 16 right now, theyd be missing quite the talents that are busy with 7r, which means no interest from many fans.

PhoenixUp691d ago

It’s not like they can’t work on both simultaneously

FFVIIR is going to be an extensive project, I seriously doubt Square Enix won’t give us news on FXVI in the next year or so

King_Noctis691d ago

You’re right. I’d say comparing to the likes of Konami and EA, Square Enix is actually doing pretty good for itself and its fans.

Cikatriz_ESP690d ago

That’s ridiculous. You can make anything look good if you set the bar low enough.

Compared to that fresh pile of dog shit I stepped in the other day Square Enix is actually one of the greatest companies of all time. Too bad it’s a meaningless comparison.