Chances of Disaster in North America slim after the game fails to dent European charts

Even though Disaster: Day of Crisis is anything but a disaster as far as the actual game goes, much drama has taken place, which, oddly enough, has been created by Nintendo. The whole game, as most know by now, is completely voiced over in English. Yet believe it or not the game still has no release date in North America and the latest news is a strong indication that the game may never arrive in North American shores...

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Smacktard4027d ago

Well f*ck. Seriously, what does NoA have to lose from this? They'd definitely make money...

PirateThom4026d ago

The cost of publishing, printing, distribution may not make the money back.

dro4026d ago

OFF TOPIC... I must be dreaming, a BLACK man is president of AMERICA after all its history of racism and kkk and slavery..e.t.c

I never tought i will see this day... NOW i hope racism can end FOREVER and we can all live in PEACE.... GOD BLESS THE USA :)

ChickeyCantor4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

It almost sounds are making a "Disaster" out of it...sarcasm?...if so ...I see what you did there..
But Obama win? i havn't heard the news yet..i don't live in the USA.

Panthers4026d ago

just as you put it, OFF TOPIC.

Captain_Sony4026d ago

Dro dude you prove it is alive and well today. Just coming form another area. Obami is 50% white 50% black, yet you like many feel something is wrong with the white side and refuse to acknowledge it. I'm sure he will go back to not being black when he starts screwing up. The Black comminuty is showing that racism is alive and well.

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TruthbeTold4027d ago

it's not all that bad. I'd buy it for maybe 40 bucks since I'm kind of starving for games on the Wii right now, but not 50.

Maxned4027d ago

I at least wanted to try this game out.

chanmasta4026d ago

... have this game as i'm in Europe and I can tell you that this game is great! It is such a shame that many people won't be able to play it.

Skywalker3334026d ago

i agree. the game is great and offers ton of replayability!

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