The Economy Crumbles Even Video Games Go To Hell

In a recession, people are supposed to be able to buy soap, hamburgers, beer, and video games. This downturn may be worse than most. Electronic Arts (ERTS), posted a net loss of $310 million and said it would lay-off 6% of its workers.

It is stunning to imagine that the maker of iconic games like "Madden NFL" and "Spore" could be doing poorly, but consumer spending may be worse than even the federal government numbers show.

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Nicknasty4029d ago

Oh and its gonna get ALOT worst people know that we have such a loser as Obama as President. Im ready to leave the U.S as i have finally lost all respect for this country. You thought Bush was bad? lol oh man, get ready baby!

DarkBlood4029d ago

if the video games are gonig to hell
then im gonig to hell with mine