Gears 5 Gets New Information Ahead of E3 2019

Leaked document shows possible gears 5 info.


Admin note: Updated title because there's no need to hide the game name and it gave the impression that it was an update to an existing game and not just new information on the upcoming game.

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Kribwalker24d ago

“Now, in our eyes, the most interesting bit of information there is the fact that The Coalition is still targetting 60FPS and 4K for all game modes - including multiplayer.

The write-up also suggests the game will go more open - perhaps not fully open world, but certainly a departure from the more linear levels we've seen in the series so far.”

4k 60fps and open world? awesome. I thought this one had a more open world look to it. can’t wait to play this day one on gamepass

TekoIie24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

The scene in the reveal trailer showing the glacier suggests that they definitely learnt their lesson with the vehicle segments for Gears 5. The on-rails bike level in Gears 4 was kinda generic compared to the vehicle segments of previous games like the Kyrll segment in Gears 1 and Gears 2's Centaur, Brumak and Reaver segments. Something that breaks up the standard gameplay formula in the campaign but interesting enough that it doesn't feel cliche or boring.

24d ago
darthv7224d ago

gears 2 is still my favorite with that whole convoy segment.

TekoIie24d ago


Completely forgot about that segment. Wouldn't quite describe it as a vehicle mission but it was still very fun! Back then seeing so many enemies on screen was really cool.

KickSpinFilter23d ago

Obviously you don’t get round much it’s just the same in PS4 articles

TekoIie23d ago


"Obviously you don’t get round much it’s just the same in PS4 articles"


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OneLove24d ago

Lol why so many dislikes??? People hating on open world??

TekoIie24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Expressing excitement for anything not made by Sony usually gets you some hate on this siteeven if you enjoy playing all of the big threes games. I was wondering what it would be like though if N4G made it so we could see who agreed and disagreed because it would actually reveal who the fanboys are lol.

ImGumbyDammit24d ago

PS Brownshirts are in force today.

Razzer24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

It is really simple.

Sony fans down-vote Xbox One fans.

Xbox One Fans down-vote Sony fans.

There are just more Sony fans in the world and that is reflected on this and other sites. Regardless, it happens both ways.


I agree. The should show who a list of who voted up or down in a tooltip or something.

BehindTheRows24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

It's mainly because of who it is. In Sony threads, he is known to cause needless friction and people don't forget.

OT: Anyway, this is one of the big games I'm looking forward to this year. I'll be much happier with a proper, full reveal though!

Ricegum24d ago


Are you new here? Kribwalker is a known Xbox troll, I thought everyone knew this.

darthv7224d ago (Edited 24d ago )

@rice, i thought Krib doesnt have an xbox but instead plays the xbox games on PC? Does that still make him an xbox troll or would he be a PC troll?

edit: Thanks razz... good to know.

Razzer24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


Uh....Kribwalker has an Xbox One. idea where you got that idea.

"I can confirm that with MS use of Azure servers, cross generation play works great and is seemless on the xbox one to xbox 360. "

rainslacker24d ago

So long as it's not generic, it's fine I guess. At least going by reviews that within a course of 7 months go from loving generic open world games, to thinking that that they offer no innovation. Less if you include September releases.

Anyhow, nothing wrong with open world. Plus, it's a leak, and may not even be true, or it may be more along the lines of God of Wars open world. A full open world game doesn't seem like it would fit in the GeOW universe, if all other things remain true to the core of the design of the series.

skiggy3424d ago

Its because its an Xbox game. Fanboys from other consoles do the down voting

SolidGamerX24d ago

Well the same people who are now saying open world is awesome are the ones who have been claiming open world fatigue and saying its "over rated" since about April 26th. Probably explains the down votes.

georeo24d ago

People just seem to hate anything Xbox. I've been seeing it for a while. I don't really like with Microsoft has done with the one, but I really do enjoy gears of war.

gamer780424d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Honestly I'm not a fan of most open world games most times it tears down story and creates needless padding to increase the game length.

343_Guilty_Spark24d ago


Many of us Xbox fans enjoy PS4 games, and even wish we had stronger exclusive titles but let's be real the real haters of PC, Xbox, and Nintendo are arrogant Sony fans.

Ceaser985736123d ago


"let's be real the real haters of PC, Xbox, and Nintendo are arrogant Sony fans."

Probably you are just hateful what Sony does.. Look around and use twitter if you have one.. Xbox fans freaked out when QB got a PC release and they went bat shit crazy when Xbox games were announced that it will get PC release.. Also when COD marketing rights went to PS , Xbox fans were very vocal. So let's be real here Xbox fans ain't better either.. PC fans they always need to justify themselves why PC is better but that makes no sense... I don't know any Nintendo fans so I don't know how they behave...

Razzer23d ago


You are seriously going to pretend there are no Sony haters here? You see what you want to see. Period.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod23d ago

Or more the fact gears has not been good since the 360 days and it is a massively mediocre franchise.

pinkcrocodile7523d ago

SJW Brown / Black Shirts in full force in general. As Jonathan Pie labelled them "Generation [email protected]"

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xX-oldboy-Xx24d ago

4K 60FPS!!! The the one s is a BEAST!!! Or will it be 900p 60fps on the one s, the xbox almost 95% of customers have?

The difference is power is too great to benefit both iterations of hardware, very smart ms, very smart.

Line that foot up and shoot.

PrinceOfAnger24d ago

Yeah it's a beast when RDR2 and Metro Exodus and many other games are 4K Native on the OneX , but lower resolution on PS4 pro with upscale.

xX-oldboy-Xx24d ago

WHOOOOSH - That's the sound of my comment going over your head. Read it again, comprehend it, then reply.

Very happy for one x to be higher res than PS4 Pro, couldn't care less.

The difference in power between one s and one x is, in a word - Staggering. That's a good word for it.

Where will most xbox games be played? And at what res and FPS? That was the point of the commemt.

TekoIie24d ago

"Or will it be 900p 60fps on the one s"

I mean is that bad? There are many games this gen that have struggled to even have a stable 1080p 30fps on consoles so if a game goes for 900p but is able to maintain a solid 60fp that's pretty damn good in my books that the developers accomplished that.

thexmanone24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Still sounds good

xX-oldboy-Xx24d ago

Possible - Daily star - should be enough.

Look at the last few releases from ms, I wouldn't be setting my expectations too high.

Kribwalker24d ago

it’s a lot more then 5% of the install base that has the OneX, but regardless, i’m one of the ones that has a OneX so 4k60 for me if that’s what it is

L7CHAPEL24d ago

And that's just (negative) speculation on your part (simply for the sake of it) and no one said anything like that,
but it's to be expected, isn't it, from you ?

FanboySpotter24d ago

I read the comment with some hurt going into the tone. Don't know why the s had to be brought up. There are more s and ps4 slims than pros and x. Everyone knows that, why bring it up when they are talking about 4k? should automatically exclude base consoles. I guess if i only had one console and the console wasn't getting optimized for 4k or 4k/60fps on exclusives then I'd be upset about it like how that comment came off as.

xX-oldboy-Xx24d ago

L7CHAPEL - This whole article is speculation, but let's run with it as fact. The title says xbox one which is a lie or hyperbole at best.

Krib - I like how you go nuts over rumours and leaks, wait until you get an official before you explode with excitement.

Kribwalker24d ago

“i’m one of the ones that has a OneX so 4k60 for me if that’s what it is”

So me saying if that is what it is i’ll be 4k/60fps is exploding with excitement? lol. wait for an announcement? Isn’t that what me saying “if it is” is pretty much saying?

L7CHAPEL23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

The only person getting worked up over this you, how about you listen to your own advice?

But, your a PlayStation Fanboy, and it's always "XBox doesn't have this" "Xbox won't do this"
" Xbox can't do this"
It's what you do,
That's the only reason you commented to begin with, which is interesting seeing as you'll never buy it and play it, so it's kind of irrelevant isn't it?, as far as your opinion...

xX-oldboy-Xx23d ago

L7CHAPEL - It was a piss take at the title, no mention of one x - if it runs like that on x what will it be on s?

Yes I'm a fanboy and proud of it. ms gives such slim pickings when it comes to innovation and game design - I know I've backed the right horse.

That's all I care about - games, and ms still has a lot to prove. Even after being in the industry as long as it has and making games as long as they have.

They are practically indefensible - yet their customers are so loyal to the point of being deaf to any shortcomings ms likes to brush aside.

gam3r_4_lif323d ago (Edited 23d ago )

@xx-toddlermanchild-xx so you are proud to be a toxic shit head? Says a lot about you that you get so proud of others work. Unless you personally helped develop the PS4 and or its exclusives what the sweet fuck do you have to be proud of? That you wage some childish war about who has the better plastic box

DJStotty23d ago

its quite simple

Xbox one S - 1080p native, 60fps (upscaled to 4K using either tv tech, or xbox one s)

Xbox one X - Native 4K 60fps

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Razzer24d ago

I wish they would go full open world. That would be awesome.

DaDrunkenJester24d ago

I don't think the gameplay and combat of Gears really lends to open world very well. Semi open I can see, but a full open world Gears is hard for me to imagine.

meep31624d ago

Judging by likes vs dislikes, much more PlayStation fans here.

meep31624d ago

Judging by all the dislikes it’s mostly PlayStation only fans here lol.

L7CHAPEL23d ago

Oh absolutely,
They're so drowning in quality exclusives that they just can't help but chime in on a thread for a console they don't own, a game they'll never play, which is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion,
but it's only to say something chiding or negative.
As always, keeping it classy
That and the endless arguments ...

there's another article on here, where the thread was nothing but constant arguing back and forth between switch and Playstation about who's going to outsell who in the long run, and how many units moving,and all that, then they wonder why gaming companies treat them like sheep,
it's so utterly ridiculous to argue who's going to overcome who w/ sales, they're just oozing with Corpi -speak's so orwellian,(1984)
it amazes me that they don't even stop to think about it... "Praise big brother and his console"

skiggy3424d ago

“Now, in our eyes, the most interesting bit of information there is the fact that The Coalition is still targetting 60FPS and 4K for all game modes - including multiplayer.

This is gong to be an insane game!!! Can't wait!!

24d ago
DarXyde24d ago

How did you quote the article and come away with 4K, 60fps, and open world?

Imortus_san23d ago

Holy shit, 60+ down votes, the haters are real on N4G.

Profchaos23d ago

It sounds like a potential game play overhaul in the vein of god of wars level design which gave you a semi open world and encouraged you to take paths and explore

Kribwalker23d ago

totally does. That’s a good style of open world for sure and i think that’s one part of what made god of war work so well. There wasn’t an endless amount of pointless side quest with that as well

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skiggy3424d ago

Who the hell down voted 4k 60??!!??

RizBiz24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Because only 5~10% (rough guessimate) of XBox gamers are going to be able to experience it.

King_Noctis24d ago


And that is the reason for the downvote? Because they can’t “experience” it?

Kryptix23d ago

People that can't experience 4k 60fps downvotes 4k60.

KickSpinFilter23d ago

Or they are people who realize 60fps and 4K are not what makes an amazing game and is only embellishments on a cake?

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IRetrouk24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

This should be real quality, hopefully we get a bit more of an original gears feeling from this, kinda got lost on sequels in my opinion, everything in this leak sounds fantastic, this is gonna be a day 1.

yarbie100024d ago

Xbox One Exclusive....

Plays on PC

And likely other devices using streaming in the near future

Xavi4K24d ago

same apply to Ps5 games they mostly gonna be available through the cloud. They literally said in their presentation (providing games to everyone with or without a console).

L7CHAPEL24d ago

I just don't get it with this childish little selfish thinking of "oh we get it, we get it exclusively, no one else gets to play it" and then wanna bitch and moan when something like days gone gets middling scores, and that people are giving it those scores, because they want it to sell really really well,
so they get a sequel.

well if it's available in cloud or PC, you're guaranteed it's going to get a lot more sales, which further increases the chance of another one being made.
but nooo, that's intelligent thinking, and we can't fucking have that, it's better to have this "my console is better" mentality.
that's going to make everything better...

gam3r_4_lif323d ago

Man the fantards dont like the sound of that. But it is the sound of inevitability

PrinceOfAnger24d ago

Yeah just like Detroit and beyond two souls and heavy rain , but hey Sony fans said they are still PS4 "console exclusives" so..

L7CHAPEL24d ago

Oh how many PlayStation Fanboys talked up the merits of hellblade and nier automata,
only to turn right around and hypocritically down talk both games, when they became available on Xbox,
that is my favorite.

I've actually got some posts saved from a few individuals, that are the more choice hypocrites.

FanboySpotter24d ago

Or how they say a certain game is epic store exclusive but it's on consoles as well. Why say "epic store exclusive" and not xbox exclusive to games that are only on one console? Butthurt fanboys

badz14924d ago (Edited 24d ago )


"Yeah just like Detroit and beyond two souls and heavy rain,..."

yeah, because those are the only exclusives available on the PS4, right? /s

dissing PS4's exclusives like MS has any chance to compete...your fanboyism/insecurity is showing!

throw away ALL exclusives Sony the PS4 has had these last 2 to 3 years, the PS4 will still have more exclusives than MS does this whole gen. so just stop trying to say that PS4 gamers are somehow "butthurt" or "sad" that those 3 games are going to EGS on PC because it doesn't sting even a bit.

CaptainCook24d ago

Plays on PC

Microsoft Exclusive since they own Windows and Xbox consoles

TekoIie24d ago

I mean the service is also called Xbox on PC so calling it an Xbox exclusive is still kinda accurate.

Razzer24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

"Microsoft Exclusive since they own Windows and Xbox consoles"

Yes, but not Xbox Exclusive.

"I mean the service is also called Xbox on PC so calling it an Xbox exclusive is still kinda accurate." it is not. A PC is not an Xbox console. Microsoft themselves make the distinction:

"Gears 5: Exclusively on Xbox One & Windows 10"

gangsta_red24d ago

How long are we going to talk about this?