Gaming on 8K could be possible on Playstation 5 and the new Xbox?

It’s been over a month since we first met the details and specifications of PlayStation 5 thanks to that interview that Mark Cerny made for Wired, and although we have no new official news of the new Sony console, let alone its direct competitor, the Xbox Scarlett , we can not help but keep thinking about how that future will be possible in 8K that seem to promise the new consoles (Microsoft has not said anything, but we must remember that according to some analysts the Xbox Scarlett will be more advanced than the PS5).

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Jin_Sakai27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Maybe upscaled or movies is all. It’s basically just a buzzword in case the competition mention it also.

Army_of_Darkness26d ago

They just need one game (shitty or not) to run at [email protected] 30fps to make that claim.... While All I want is [email protected] and I'll be a happy gamer.

bouzebbal26d ago

Maybe focus on 4k only.. we haven't got a gen with 1080p60fps for every game yet.. Dumb to jump to 8K

ImGumbyDammit26d ago

Technically the X with the firmware update to HDMI 2,1 can already run 8K. So, I guess that same logic applies. Maybe some independent game maker could put together a Flappy Bird game that can run at 8K. It could be a claim to fame, the worlds first 8K console game on the worlds first 8K gaming machine. Obviously the current X, next Xbox or the PS5 really won't be able to push 8K gaming of any worth.

Side note, If you want to learn about all the related HDMI 2.1 and TV tech and how it will make gaming better this Xbox rep (Norm) does a great job explaining it all no matter which plastic box you fancy :

Smclaren198526d ago

I couldn’t agree more buddy my worry is mark Cerny is going on about ssd no loading and 8k resolution rather than 4K or even just 60 FPS i think 60 FPS should be the standard next gen everything else sold come second👍

Saigon25d ago

I understand everyone's concern, but I think you are stretching a little. The point of announcing that their system is capable of doing 8k is nothing other than a spec praise. They are stating how powerful their machine is. Nothing is wrong with that. Most companies do this when they praise their system/hardware/application/et c. For me, I am fine with the praise because it allows me to understand or know what to expect the next generation. We won't even have 8k TVs anytime soon and if we do, they will be expensive as hell. This is why it isn't a worry for me. As far as the FPS, I honestly really do not care because most games we play today seem not to suffer from not having full out speced FPS.

DarXyde25d ago

I'm not even sure the human eye can appreciate 8K. I would rather they build in something that "upscales" frame rate and give us 60fps on everything, frankly.

From what it sounds like, these consoles should be powerful enough to run every current gen game in 4K @ 60fps and remain quiet, especially when you consider how conservative of a transition it was from gen 7 to gen 8.

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FlyingFoxy26d ago

It's not gonna happen for any game unless it's an old basic arcade type game, not in 8k.

I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few 4k games were still capped at 30fps especially the ones with graphics being priority.


"Maybe upscaled or movies is all. It’s basically just a buzzword in case the competition mention it also. "

Upscaled movies? Then you don't understand a thing then. The PS5 will surely pack full HDMI 2.1 which will not only allow Native 8K movies but also Native 8K games. Of course, not all games will run in Native 8K but some games like some indies or sport games or rematsers just like with the PS4 Pro.

Xb1ps426d ago

Does it even matter? I'm sure no one here has a TV that can do 8k.. 4k TV is just getting to decent prices.. do we even have 8k content?! Lol

rainslacker26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I wonder how many 8K displays will actually be out in the wild by the end of next gen to even make this relevant. 4K is just starting to pick up adoption, and I think most people haven't even heard of 8K yet, and I think even fewer will feel it's necessary at all.

It is just a buzzword, and it suggests that at 4K it will be even more capable, but I can't see more than a handful of games even bothering with a native 8K output.

Hell, the TV manufacturers will probably dick around with the 8K standard for several years like they did with 4K, and whatever is in these systems will be obsolete by the time it's actually UHD standards, or HDCP2.2 not being in the original systems.

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TekoIie27d ago

It will probably be rarer than 1080p was on the PS3 to give some perspective.

The 10th Rider26d ago

Native 8K for games will be rarer than 720p on Wii!

(That's non-existent, by the way)

tar_tar0726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Ps5 Pro / Xbox Xxxx.

Make that $$$

TekoIie26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Nah I actually think we'll see a few, however, it's likely be limited to Indies with a very simplistic visual style.


Of course we should never underestimate the desire from MS and Sony to make money and appear to have the stronger platform.

CP_Company27d ago

4k60fps more important then upscale 8k.

SegaGamer27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

And you won't be getting 4k60fps either, not for the biggest games. Maybe smaller games and indies, but you won't be seeing that with your big AAA and even many AA games. Running games at true 4k and at 60fps on a budget machine is pure fantasy.

UltraNova26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Gotta agree here. The best we can hope for on AAA games is true 4K and stable 30fps with high quality settings (maybe we'll see a rare racing game exception at 4K /60fps. Anyone else expecting more from 10-12 teraf consoles is fooling themselves.

BizarroUltraman26d ago

Idk... Native 4K/30 is already possible on X on major AAA games. So 4K/60 is not unreachable...for next gen and not pure fantasy. Fantasy is thinking you'll get 8K gaming next gen. That requires most if not every gamer to buy a new 8K compatible TV with Hdmi 2.1 cert.

UltraNova26d ago

"Idk... Native 4K/30 is already possible on X on major AAA games. So 4K/60 is not unreachable...for next gen and not pure fantasy"
You are thinking about current gen visual quality settings. Next gen visual tech advancements(like Ray tracing) will have their performance cost so don't expect that much of a jump. We should(I hope) jump from today's sparse true 4K to true 4K everything at 30fps with Ray tracing etc.

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Smclaren198526d ago

Yeah I think we will get a lot more 4K 60 than before but it’s going to be up to the developers although putting a descent processing unit in it this time rather than the horrible jaguar cores will make a world of diff esp now develop are so used to squeezing everything out of inferior chips imagine what they could do with a descent one it’s goon to come down to the developers at the end of the day it will be a big mistake if they don’t target 60fps because I think Microsoft are going to aim for 4K 60 on there high end console and 1080 p 60 on the lower console I think there going to use that as a selling point

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Potnoodle99926d ago

....why .... why god why does this happen every gen!? The only way these consoles will be 4K 60fps is if creators don’t try to expand game worlds, provide better physics, lighting, AI, better gfx. Basically the only way is if we just don’t move gaming forward in order to what? Stick in a few extra frames. Will never happen. I don’t want it to happen and you shouldn’t either. Every game would be so bland and outdated with a couple of gems mixed in.

Smclaren198526d ago

Look at some of the games on the Xbox one x there a world apart from the original console if that console had a third gen ryzen in it red dead 2 for example that game in 4K look next gen and it’s solid 30 native 4K so with a Navi gpu and 3rd gen ryzen it would look and feel incredible not bland anything but it doesn’t mean we will get it though but I hope we do every single person who knows anything the biggest upgrade goin from console to pc is frame rate it’s huge these processors are a world apart from the Jaguars and look what they’ve achieved with them

MarkyMark8926d ago

4K30fps is more realistic with the rumored leaks about Navi days before Computex.

@UltraNova Ray Tracing has been confirmed by AMD to not be on the Navi cards, that news broke Monday I think. They announced that Ray Tracing will debut on the next architecture. But on the other side the leaks for the CPU's are amazing so win win for everybody. Alot of people like me have been waiting for these chips to upgrade, finally Intel die hards might have to come over to the light. That's good news for Sony and Microsoft, btw fuck Intel.

Smclaren198526d ago

Yeah iv seen that myself there was a lot of rumors about them running far to hot aswell had me worried there but it looks like that was false all the leaks recently seem like a win win I’d love to see them drop the ray tracing and just use the power to increase the quality of both visuals and frame rate I think Microsoft are goin to use the 60fps as a selling point for there’s so I hope Sony do to👍

Lennoxb6326d ago

No. No explanation needed. Should be obvious if you know tech.