Five Ways Old-School Gaming Was Better Than The Modern Era

Glitched Africa writes: "We discuss the five ways that old-school gaming was better than what we get now in the modern era of gaming with loot boxes and whiny people."

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strayanalog26d ago

My biggest gripe remains a "complete" game. Season pass and Day 1 patches/DLC are the crappiest reminders that polish and developer confidence can't be achieved with unrealistic deadlines and greed.

Bonus for the list - Cheat Codes. Always a blast to have cheats for another quick go-round.

Dandizzle26d ago

It is a lot more complex than that. Publishing a game is no easy task (I've worked on 2 AAA games that released in the past 10 years). Season passes support the folks making the game more than buying the actual game which the publisher gobbles up all that cash. Season passes is what keeps folks employed. Day 1 patch is what the team works on after final submission to partners. It is totally regular for a game to get approved by a partner (i.e. Sony, Microsoft, Steam) many months in advance (6 months seems to be normal for AAA games) The large team doesn't just get fired or start working on another project they keep making things better well before game comes out which is the day 1 patch you get. Creating modern games is extremely complex and delicate process than needs a lot more work than it did back in the day due to modern standards what with networking and all the platform specific traits. Instead of complaining be happy about day 1 patches and free content is even available to the consumer and so quickly. Back in the day if your game was bugged tough shit, gotta get around it. You didn't update a game or go online with your console. We live in amazing age of gaming, many things are easy to complain or take for granted but trust me life is better with day 1 patches. Publishers can't afford to extend development because of polish and bugs because it is extremely costly and considering the submission period and patching there is no reason to waste money like that.

franwex26d ago

Good insight. What games did you work on?

GtPawnSacrifices26d ago

I understand and sympathise with the developer/publisher financial situation that you face.
However, must disagree.
Shouldn’t the money you get from the game sale be from negotiations between you the devs and the publisher?
(Not disputing DLC, I love the fact we can expand our game after completion)
But that just it, and the point I think @Strayanalog is trying to make:
If i’ve just forked out full retail price for a game, why should I have to pay the equivalent of an extra 40%-70% to gain “the full experience”?
Put simply, it’d be if McDs charged extra for the fries in your meal.
(Again, nothing against DLC, but as after expansion. Should not be sold to aid or give a leg up over base players)

PiNkFaIrYbOi26d ago

I can think of more than 5 ways it was better.

AK9125d ago

No GaaS and Microtransactions and games were complete at launch

Imortus_san25d ago

Old-School Gaming was the "complete experience to everyone", just about sums it all up, that happened beacuse:
- No patchs
- No DLC
- No Season Pass
- No microtransactions
- No pay to Win