Ranking The Must Have PlayStation 4 Exclusives Released So Far

Don't pass up these PS4 exclusives.

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Mostafeto32d ago

The PS4 exclusive library is full of gems.

strotee31d ago

(according to the site, so don't crucify me)
#16 Gran Turismo Sport
#15 Detroit: Become Human
#14 Until Dawn
#13 Infamous Second Son
#12 Gravity Rush 2
#11 The Last Guardian
#10 Yakuza 6: The Song of the Life
#9 Uncharted The Lost Legacy
#8 Ratchet & Clank
#7 Days Gone
#6 Spider-Man
#5 Horizon Zero Dawn
#4 Shadow of the Colossus
#3 Bloodborne
#2 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
#1 God of War

TheHateTheyGive31d ago

MLB 19 the show is the best sports game ever created and its exclusive also.

kparks31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Yup no MLB, Persona 5, Utawarerumono or Danganronpa?? Hmm I guess it does say "PS4" so idk

xigo30d ago

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I only agree with Bloodborne and God of War as MUST HAVES on this list. There are plenty of good games in this list but for me only the two I mentioned would have made me buy a PS4 if I didn’t already own one.

xX-oldboy-Xx31d ago

HZD and SPIDER-MAN are essential purchases too, the quality of both titles is exceptional.

Razzer31d ago

To each their own. To me, that entire list is why I own PS4 and no other consoles. PS4 is unmatched in exclusives.

outsider162431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

All those lists are must haves for me. Number 1 for me though, it's Uncharted 4.

SegaSaturn66930d ago

The Last Guardian... man there were parts I enjoyed but most of that game I found really annoying.

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Asuka31d ago

Gravity Rush Remaster and Gravity Rush 2 are severely underrated.

Teflon0231d ago

yup personally Gravity Rush 2 is probably my favourite ps4 exclusive. It's too underrated

SpinalRemains13830d ago

I loved the first one, but not the sequel as much.

Knushwood Butt30d ago


Yeah, I platted the first on Vita and PS4 but just can't get into the sequel. May never try again...

Hardiman30d ago

I love Gravity Rush and it's beyond me why more don't play them! Nintendo fans especially would find them fun.

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strotee31d ago

Where do we think the big, remaining 3 will line up? (TLOU2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima)

starchild31d ago

Ghost of Tsushima has the very real potential to become my favorite PS4 exclusive.

nucky6431d ago

thanks for the list - i think GoW is in a class by itself. bloodborne at #2
then 3 HZD - 4 UC4 - 5 DG - 6 SM
hey! where is resogun - that game is great arcade-style fun!

Brugal31d ago

Resogun was my first platinum. I was addicted to that game lol

anonymousfan31d ago

I feel Astro Bot would deserve a spot on that list

xX-oldboy-Xx31d ago

That's how sloilt PlayStation owners are, next gen there'll be a 2 categories - Best PS5 exclusive - Best PSVR2 exclusive.

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StormSnooper31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Persona, Firewall Zero Hour, Astrobot.

MikeNike31030d ago

Wow I really didn’t realize how many exclusives they had.

sprinterboy30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I'd put the order 1886 in there too, alittle short and poor QTE with boss repetitive battles but other than that a solid game.
If it wasn't for the performance issues of days gone in the second half of the game (base ps4) it would have been in my top 3 this gen.

DVAcme30d ago

Glad to see Yakuza on the list, but as much as I love Yakuza 6, that spot belongs to Yakuza 0. That game is ESSENTIAL.

30d ago
343_Guilty_Spark30d ago

I agree with most of your list but Days Gone isn't a must have.

HZD and Until Dawn should be higher. TLG should be too 10.
Blood borne replaced with Ni-OH.

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King631d ago

Damm Sony got all the exclusives :).

indysurfn30d ago

It has all exclusives Except Xbox's Cuphead! Oh wait that is on SWITCH and PC also.....Okay carry on!

bluebenjamin31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Horizon Zero Dawn number 1 Playstation Exclusive To Me

Army_of_Darkness31d ago

I 110% agree! HzD had me hooked from beginning to end! From story to combat & upgrades to the amazing graphics, I loved every minute of it.
So, so looking forward to Hzd2!

bluebenjamin31d ago

Its one of my favorite games Of this gen when I first encountered the snapmaw thats was epic lol

Army_of_Darkness31d ago

My moment was with that tremor sandworm thing. Crazy intense battles!

outsider162431d ago

Yup. Imagine that with a mountable Stormbird....oh boy! Please let it happen Guerrilla.

indysurfn30d ago

lol.....I [email protected]_of_darkness the destruction ..well EVERYTHING was mind blowing!

That game was so pretty it made you think how much better can a game get! It was hyped with pretty still photos and everyone was saying it will be less pretty when it comes out......WRONG it was better!

nitus1030d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I fully agree.

I originally started HZD on the hardest difficulty and found that I had to basically grind which was annoying so I switched to the second hardest difficulty and that was excellent.

Now before people disagree, I got about 70% through the game on the second hardest difficulty and had a rethink so I restarted again on the hardest difficulty but this time I was more forgiving of what I originally thought was a grind and actually found the game to be so much more fun and challenging especially after leaving the Embrace.

What was especially interesting was the fact that you actually get more enemies and some are actually random. As an example, I remember in the easier mode going down a canyon and encountered no enemies but this time I ended walking into a party of bandits who obviously chased me. In addition, the enemy can sense you much more quickly such that you really have to plan carefully before you sneak and set traps.

BTW. I encountered many bandit parties in the top difficulty mode.


Those Snapmaws are a pain and also very difficult to get close enough to override. I think the worst was the "Storm birds" and in the top difficulty you actually come up against quite a few. Attacking "Storm Birds" without electric potions and electric protection is IMHO tantamount to suicide.

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nitus1030d ago


What is really nice about HZD is the fact that it supports 4K with HDR.

Even though I have a standard PS4 all PS4's support HDR and I recently purchased a 32" HDR 4K monitor for my PC. What surprised me was the fact my PS4 detected my 4K monitor and selected HDR even though my PS4 outputted the game at 1080p. The result was IMHO nothing short of stunning compared to originally playing on an IPS 24" monitor.

30d ago
bluebenjamin28d ago

The base ps4 is not much different from Pro on screen! U are a smart buyer my friend the Ps5 is around the corner

30d ago
STARS31d ago

Pretty good list, but the lack of Persona 5 on here is almost criminal.

TomatoDragon31d ago

I think because it’s also on the ps3.

DaDrunkenJester31d ago

But isn't Detroit coming out on PC soon?

Razzer31d ago

Yep. Not a PS4 exclusive.


Yep. So timed PS4 exclusive at this point.

vfl52330d ago

Ratchet and Clank and Shadow are on other consoles as well and they made the list. They also made no mention of that being a disqualifier. But also not seeing The Last of Us makes me think its possible somehow

indysurfn30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

"But isn't Detroit coming out on PC soon?"

The answer is yes!

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