After Nearly 40 Years, Video Games Still Don't Do Lord Of The Rings Justice

For decades, The Lord of the Rings has been one of the world’s most influential and revered stories. While J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy series has been successfully adapted into a beloved film trilogy, the track record of video games set in Middle-Earth has been a bit more dubious. From text-based adventures to movie-licensed tie-ins, from MMORPGs to real-time strategy games, over two dozen games have attempted to adapt The Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, precious few have been able to capture the magic of Tolkien’s work.

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TekoIie27d ago

If we're completely honest Shaodw of Mordor plays like a LOTR fanfic. It's not bad but it's very much out of theme for the lore.

Darkborn26d ago

I agree, but if they did make a proper lord of the rings game with the nemesis system integrated into it, then they might have something.

Razzer26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

"plays like a LOTR fanfic"

More like LOTR alt universe. Not sure we should expect more than that though. Shadow of Mordor is an epic game. It was as big a surprise this gen as Batman was last gen. It is rare that a dev can take an existing IP and really do something special with it. SoM, Batman, Spider-man......they are among the few. Most times games try to mimic the plot of a movie or whatnot and just ruin the experience with shoddy execution. That's cuz there is no imagination behind it.

Thunder_G0d_Bane26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Shadow of Mordor is the best lord of the rings game I could ask for.

I remember I loved two towers back on ps2 the local Co-op was just so fun.

But shadow of Mordor is everything I want from a lord of the rings title.

Hardiman26d ago

I loved Shadow of Mordorand the Nemesis system. They could make an actual LOTR game with the Nemesis system and I'd be down.

robtion26d ago

Yep. It would be a huge undertaking but if someone made an open world Middle earth game on the scale of something like The Witcher 3 it could be amazing.

ILoveEmman26d ago

Imagine the shit Kotaku would create if it had that IP.

JayF26d ago

To be fair, its hard to recreate a solely linear story-driven medium(books and movies) with a game that feels like a repetitive chore of a grindfest(SO Mordor) and a glorified lootbox advertisement(SO War). You tend to care less and less about the story and pray more and more that this overhyped slogfest game that you bought because of the glowing reviews would end already.

victorMaje26d ago

One does not simply make a LOTR game.

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