Nintendo Switch proves why the PlayStation 5 Must launch soon

Nintendo may have just proven why Sony needs to hurry up and launch the PS5.

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Knushwood Butt24d ago

So, it MUST launch soon because the Switch overtook PS4 sales in Japan?

More low quality gaming journalism.

Neonridr24d ago

agreed, Switch was always going to overtake the PS4 in Japan, that was no surprise.

UltraNova24d ago

Actually, the fact that it still didn't outsell the ps4 in Japan is weird in its self.

Saigon24d ago

I don't see how the 2 systems are similar. Reaching? Anyway if the rumors are true, Sony's next handheld that will launch a little after the PS5 will give the integration similar to the switch.

UltraNova24d ago


Considering Japan is not that interested in old-fashioned consoles and are seemingly obsessed with portability, the fact that Switch (lets admit, a portable ) hasn't outsold the ps4 so far is weird...

Makes sense now?

VenomUK24d ago

The Express - NO. No understanding, no insights, no intelligence!

The PS4 is already more powerful than the Switch so rush releasing an even more PlayStation is not going to help. Quite simply Nintendo has first party licenses that really resonate with the Japanese as does the form factor. The PlayStation is still selling great.

He doesn't understand that Sony is making a profit there - somebody give him a job at

Neonridr24d ago

@UltraNova - but the Switch did surpass the PS4 in Japan in sales. Where have you been?

indysurfn24d ago

ultraNova the article said it DID overtake PS4 in Japan. Direct quote from the article:

"According to Famitsu, the Nintendo Switch has racked up an impressive 8,125,637 sales. That's compared to 8,077,754 units for the PS4."

Old McGroin23d ago


Switch outsold the PS4 in Japan not long ago, you probably just missed it.

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roadkillers24d ago

You could tell by the title it was clickbait.

24d ago
KickSpinFilter24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

LOL Good lord what a joke, opinion piece indeed.
Japan is a mobile gaming market now and Switch answers to that, period.
PS5 is just fine waiting till 2020, no need to hurry it out the door.

DivoJones24d ago

I wasn't sure if they were trying to say to hurry up and launch in March, or hurry up because Switch outsold PS4 in lifetime sales. Either way I agree, this article is trash.

rainslacker24d ago

PS4 is still selling well, so I don't see why it needs to release. On top of that, I don't think a lot of PS owners are migrating over to Switch for all the cutting edge games it contains. It's a great 2nd system, but if people are more into the games that push technology, then the Switch isn't really a suitable alternative to PS4.

RizBiz24d ago

Using the word "journalism" is giving these bottom-feeders far too much credit.

sKiiTs824d ago

lol its express, what do you expect

trooper_23d ago

Pretty stupid journalism.

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Nyxus24d ago

This makes no sense. The PS4 is by far the best selling console of this generation. Maybe the Switch will eventually overtake it, who knows, but it will take years if it happens. The PS5 will be out long before that. Recently Sony has said they are focusing on the PS4's that are already sold, the existing user base, rather than trying to sell new systems. The PS4 is already a huge success. But it will still keep selling, and there are still some big games coming out for it in the coming years.

Neonridr24d ago

Switch will go on to sell very well, but no way it will surpass 100 million units. I slot it somewhere around 75 million tops. Which is perfectly fine, that would be a huge success coming off of the Wii U debacle.

ps360owner0924d ago


How do you know that the Switch won't surpass 100 million units? The Nintendo Switch has sold faster in it's first 2 years than the PS4 sold in its first 2 years. It's currently on a pace to reach 100 million in record speed.

Neonridr24d ago

@ps360 - oh obviously I don't know for sure.. I just think that momentum will start to slow down. I think 75 million is a good estimate. Obviously things can change, especially if they continue to pump out must own 1st party titles.

ShinRon24d ago

we still havent had a price drop or different model for the switch yet tho. i think it has a good chance to break 100 mil

Platformgamer24d ago

the switch will not surpass 50 million units

septemberindecember24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

It’s already less than 20 million shy of 50M, and it’s projected to do at least 18M this fiscal year.

It’s going to surpass 50 million for sure. How much further beyond that I don’t know

King_Noctis24d ago

And what if it does? Will you be here admit that you were wrong?

Scissorman8224d ago

thats a weird way of spelling xbox one...

Razmiran23d ago

This is the same guy that first said that it would not sell more than 10m and then quietly switched to 20m when it supprassed that

Platformgamer23d ago

@king_noctis i'll be surprised for sure.

@razmiran i never said that, i think you confused me with some other guy ahah

Doge23d ago

"@king_noctis i'll be surprised for sure."

You're...really not fooling anyone considering you've moved your goalpost from 40m to 50m lmao.

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fr0sty24d ago

PS4 is on track to dethrone PS2 as the best selling console of all time. Switch might outsell its grandpa at best.

BLow24d ago

I swear some people are really short sided. How long has the PS4 been on the market and completely dominated? Sony don't have to do anything. They are fine. They will continue to do what they're doing.

This is the same thing that happens EVERY freaking generation when the new one approaches yet EVERY time people seem to forget how it goes. Sony will continue to sell PS4s when the PS5 comes out. Sony will probably lower the price which will bump up sales to a certain degree.

It will help offset the cost when the PS5 launches and I know Sony is hoping the PS4 still does well. That's a money making machine each time one is sold. What I'm saying is not new or a revelation. I just used common sense and went by history. You know stuff that happened in the past. I know in today's age, with people with short attention spans, y'all seem to forget the the world has a past. Just because you care not to remember or just to lazy to try to remember doesn't change the fact that that things happened.

All I'm saying is take the time out and use your brain and just don't go off of your emotions. Sony will be fine. Remember, they are the market leader not matter what anyone says. They are getting really close to 100 million sold in 2019 with competition. That in itself is an accomplishment.....

xX-oldboy-Xx24d ago

The highest selling console should be panicking about the 3rd highest selling console. Rubbish, absolute rubbish.

Neonridr24d ago

soon to be 2nd selling.. :P

BrettAwesome24d ago

Correct! By the time the next Xbox arrives, switch will most likely have sold better than xbox one

xX-oldboy-Xx24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

It should be 2nd in about a yr - still no chance of carching PS4.

opc24d ago

I don't understand why Nintendo's success means Sony's success is in peril. They're both successful.