The Best Resident Evil Games: Every Resident Evil Ranked From Worst to Best

USG: “In this ranking of the Resident Evil games, we decide which ones are Tyrant-grade and which ones are basic, brain-dead zombies.”

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Nintendew26d ago

Worst to best: (#series no remakes)

Loved RE Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles on Wii.
Didn’t like RE7 one bit. RE5 ranked higher because nice to have coop.

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Nintendew26d ago

@mosh; TeamIcoFan is right.
@TeamIcoFan; reason RE6 ranked higher then 7 is due to at least decent with 2players. Leons Campaign wasn’t bad ether.
RE7 I just couldn’t stand. Complete 180 again.

SolidGear320d ago

7 is the best as far as pure horror goes because it's the only scary one

Vanfernal26d ago

Resident Evil 2 Remake first??? Don't get me wrong, I loved the game. But on subsequent playthroughs you realize that it's a 1-2 hour game that over simplified the RE formula. Unlike the Resident Evil Remake, I find that the RE2 remake is so different that it doesn't replace the original, which in my opinion is the better game.

MasterChief362426d ago

Get good enough at all the classic RE games, and they're all 1-2 hours...

J-DARKnes26d ago

Haven't read the article but 6 has got to be the worst

DreadGara26d ago

RE 6 looked like Low Budget movie made by porn studio.

jbrock1126d ago

I think the rankings largely depend on how old you are and how much you value story and the games staying faithful to the originals. If you didn't play the originals when they first came out or around that time, you most likely will rate games like 4 and 7 higher than they should be. In my opinion though, those games strayed too far from the originals and in 7's case, pretty much was an RE game in name only.

I'd rank them like this.

1. RE2
2. RE
3. RE3
4. RE HD Remaster
5. RE2 Remake
6. RE Code Veronica
7. RE Revelations 1 & 2
8. RE5
9. RE6 ( Wasn't the best game or story but it had amazing graphics and at least it was more grounded and more true to the original games even if it was too action oriented. )
10. RE4 ( The game responsible for changing the feel of the franchise and giving us games like 5 & 6. Story got too wacky and unbelievable. Wasn't originally supposed to be an RE game which makes sense considering how far the story and feel strayed from the previous games. )
11. RE7 ( No original characters, no zombies, not really connected to original story, not 3rd person, not a RE game )

Nintendew26d ago

Agree with RE6, wasn’t the greatest ( Leons Campaign was the best one ) but didn’t mind how you can jump outta the way, saved me quite a bit.

RE4 was the Black Sheep of the series to me until RE7..... Bakers Mansion, came and...
All I know is RE8, City, Zombies.

SolidGear320d ago

Anyone that says 7 is the worst hasn't played it.. Chris Redfield and Umbrella are in it so it is connected, lol .. It's hands down the best Resident Evil game and the only scary one.. After I finished it last week it quickly took over top spot which was originally held by the first game since the first came out.

jbrock1120d ago

Lol, Chris is in it at the very end which felt very tacked on an wasn't even necessary in the story of the game. Almost like this game was planned as something else and it wasn't til late that they decided to make it an RE title. With that said, it's a decent horror game by itself but it's absolute garbage as an RE game. This is coming from someone who's played every RE and played the original when it came out. RE7 might have been scary but the soul of the RE franchise was completely gone.

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