Rage 2's Bright Bouncy Apocalypse Both Helps it and Hurts it

IGN - "Rage 2's apocalypse is a fun time, but that means there's a weird disconnect with its story."

Elda1849d ago

Just finished the game last night. Though the story was short & a lot of repetitive missions I still had fun playing,the gameplay reminded me of FC:New Dawn which I enjoyed as well.

Razzer1849d ago

I'm really enjoying it. Agree about the similarities to FC: New Dawn. I actually like this game better so far.


Worst Big Budget Games

GF365: "Among all the well-received and beloved video games, there are some that are horrendous. Here are our picks for the worst big budget games released since 2010."

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banger88521d ago

What a shitty f***** list! Most of the games on it were great fun. Bullshit list.

chantii_mmohaven521d ago

yep this is truly a b*tthurt list :/

MadLad520d ago

I think the only one I agreed on was Anthem, and even that isn't horrendous.

Knushwood Butt521d ago

Anthem; I'd forgotten that game existed. I remember thinking the trailer was BS though; turns out I was right.

Cueil520d ago

the game wasn't bad though

RavenWolfx521d ago

"Worst big budget games" and immediately lists Genshin Impact, a game that has $4 billion in revenue.

blackblades520d ago

$3 billion and counting along with alot of users. I disagree with that being on the list. This list is just a person opinion without merit

monkey602521d ago

I havent played Genshin Impact and Mafia 3 was alright. The rest though I kind of agree with.
I loved the 1st Kane and Lynch and I could not understand how the 2nd game was as bad as it was.

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Rage 2 and Absolute Drift are free at Epic Games Store

Starting today, Rage 2 and Absolute Drift are free at Epic Games Store. The free game offers run until February 25 at 11 AM Eastern. Once you claim them, they’re yours to keep.

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Terry_B1213d ago

Free Games..the only good thing about EGS

gamefreaks3651213d ago

I have a pretty large EGS collection now thanks to all of the freebies.

kneon1213d ago

Me too, and yet I haven't played a single one

Profchaos1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

They frequently provide large discount vouchers of %15 to which is nice.

I'm more likely to buy a game on epic than steam these days steam prices are often higher

Terry_B1213d ago

15% lol..I get 20% already for being a humble choice subscriber.

Kados1212d ago

Even with the discount, i wouldn't buy anything from EGS. Rather pay the extra 15% to get it on Steam or GOG.

purple1011213d ago

that drift racing looks simultaneously edge of the seat while also relaxing,

very strange , very cool.

Father__Merrin1212d ago

I've got a massive collection of titles from here great stuff. Always wanted to play rage 2. Cheers Epic

Antnee5341212d ago

Im so excited for rage 2 I always wanted to play it, never wanted to buy it lol.