NZGamer: Age of Booty Review

NZGamer writes: "Age of Booty is an RTS game, albeit rather laid back compared to a full price RTS, which pits pirates against other pirates in a race to seize control of towns on hex-based maps. There's fun to be had playing through 20-plus single-player challenges, but like other strategy games, Age of Booty is definitely at its best when played with friends. You can sail the multiplayer seas either online or locally, and the great accessibility of the title makes it a decent pick-up for most gamers.

Regardless of which map and which mode you're playing, your goal in Age of Booty is always the same, and that is to control more towns than the opposing pirate factions. Games are either played to a time limit or until one team controls a specified number of towns. Capturing a town is as easy as parking your ship next to it, provided your ship's cannons can destroy the defences before the town's cannons manage to sink your ship."

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