Dead Island 2 Is Still Happening According to THQ Nordic

Remember Dead Island 2? Apparently, it's still a thing according to THQ Nordic!

Araragifeels 1830d ago

Hopefully Sumo Digital, it not the developers doing it.

Nitrowolf21830d ago

Yeah, I don’t have much faith in the game tbh. It’s been in development he’ll for a long while. Was pretty interested with Jack Black involvement, loved brutal legend despite its shortcoming. To bad he’s out

Araragifeels 1830d ago

I just don't trust Sumo Digital. They usually delay games and end up not being a great game.

I have more faith with theoriginal Dead Island dev who made Dying Light and is working on the sequel right now.

Nemop1830d ago

Pretty sure Jack Black was never involved, just a dude who sounded like him in the trailer.

Nitrowolf21830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


You are right, I just looked it up they did get someone that sounded like him. WTF Why??

Reminds me of the first trailer where they lead you into one thing but gave you something else

gangsta_red1830d ago

I don't know, Dying Light came and knocked it out the ball park. This game has been in development since damn near the start of this gen. And with Dying Light 2 coming, I just don't have as much excitement for this anymore.

excaliburps1830d ago

Yep. To be honest, Dead Island 1 was a bit overrated. I doubt DI2 can stand toe to toe against Days Gone, Dying Light 2, etc.

gangsta_red1830d ago

I had fun with Dead Island 1 but the bugs and glitches really plagued that game and made it a chore to play.

I agree, DI 2 better come out with something incredible being this long in development, but if there is one thing i learned, a long development doesn't make a great game.

Giblet_Head1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Having Chris Avellone writing for it pretty much cemented that fact. That man knows how to write for characters and narrative.

Marioraider181830d ago

Days Gone isn't that impressive though

Juiceid1830d ago

Dying light had its moments. I’m in the minority however, I enjoyed dead island way more than dying light. I hope they’re both quality products!

ocelot071830d ago

I have had this game pre ordered from Amazon since October 2014 lol

Nitrowolf21830d ago

I’m actually surprised that preorder hasn’t been cancelled by amazon tbh lol

ocelot071830d ago

Same here as I also got it at a miss price haha

PlayableGamez-1830d ago

Dying Light 2 will poop on Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2 Sells Over 3 Million Copies Since Launch

Dead Island 2 has now sold over 3 million copies since its launch. Embracer Group officially announced the milestone in its financial report.

brandon698sherrick1d 7h ago

Dead Island 2 has surpassed 3 million copies sold and 7 million players since launch last year. It's a amazing.

MrDead1d 4h ago

I'm happy I got this game, the story is on the weak side but the gameplay, the semi-open world and the DLC's are great. Got way more hours out of this than I ever thought I would and playing with friends is stupid fun.


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