Once Again, EA Angers Switch Fans By Falsely Advertising FIFA 19 Content

Players of FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch are shafted after a long-awaited challenge added to the other versions of the game failed to show up on their console - despite being advertised in-game.

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Activemessiah26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

your own fault for buying EA games... no sympathy. you'd think after all these years and all that has transpired, they'd learn... but no...

Relientk7726d ago

EA never stops being stupid.

PapaBop24d ago

me stupid? That's unpossible!

staticall25d ago

I don't blame EA anymore, i blame the customers. The old «Fool me once, shame on you; fool me tens of times in a row, shame on me»

XiNatsuDragnel25d ago

EA it's not good laughing at you, but it's one drug you can't help but not to do.

strayanalog25d ago

Good thing EA is the most respected developer out there and can afford to do things like this.

MikeNike31025d ago

Honestly im just happy to have fifa on the switch in any capacity however that was kind of misleading.

johndoe1121124d ago

I'm sorry but, people like you are the problem.

PapaBop24d ago

EA love people like you.. not trying to be an asshole to you or anything but come on buddy, demand better for your favourite console otherwise greedy developers like EA will continue to take advantage of your custom.

MikeNike31024d ago

I hear you guys but EA could easily ignore the switch like they have been doing and not skip a beat. I think if the payoff was worth it they would definitely put more time into developing a more complete version of the game.

PapaBop24d ago

This is true but EA won't ignore the Switch if they can get easy money with low effort. Thinking by supporting them you'll get a better product you're setting yourself up for disappointment. EA don't think like that, they'll just see easy money for next to no effort and keep taking advantage of your support.

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