Final Fantasy 13 MUST Get Ported To Switch

Gamers, we have been slighted in the most horrible way. We walk around, empathetic to our current situation, acting like it isn’t there, but it is, and it’s both embarrassing and ridiculous that it has taken this long for someone to speak out about it.

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FallenAngel1984148d ago

Why just for Switch?

This game should get remastered for every modern platform in general

JunMei147d ago

True. Though it is available for xbox one via backwards compatibility.

As it is, the only modern version is the PC version.

Imortus_san147d ago

Play them on PC or Xbox One X, they are far better then on PS3 / Xbox 360.

meep316147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Microsoft already “remastered” it by emulating it and raising the resolution. I don’t want to ever see that marketing term again, almost every “remastered” game is just a port/emulated with config changes.

I’ve been telling people this for years, but now Microsoft is proving me right to even console only gamers.

LegoIsAwesome147d ago

Like all games must come to switch?

locomorales147d ago

The Switch community and its port begging is getting really annoying.

lellkay147d ago

A FFXIII trilogy collection could be a nice release. I only really enjoyed the first one though to be honest and even that outstayed it's welcome.

solideagle147d ago

FFXIII-2 was better than 1. Game play was awesome. monster collection :)

sssb147d ago

If you ask me i'll said no, but if the fans want it why not.

Futureshark147d ago

God, I am sooooo bored of port begging 'opinion pieces'.

Can we stop having these 'stories' posted here please?

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