Metro Exodus Becomes "The Largest Game Launch" In The History Of THQ Nordic Group

Metro Exodus has become "the largest game launch so far in the history of the largest game launch so far in the history of the Group".

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Sciurus_vulgaris27d ago

I wonder what the devolopment and marketing budget for Metro Exodus was? I personally, think the bigger studios and publishers should invest in more AA and lower-budgeted AAA titles.

Hardiman27d ago

Absolutely or at the very least don't bloat the budget. Learn to do more with less. What Ninja Theory did with Hell Blade's development is pretty remarkable.

EazyC26d ago

I miss this aspect of older generations. PS2 had tons of great non-AAA games. I guess it's a feature of more advanced/expensive technology.

meep31626d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Probably much lower than an American developed game, just because of cost of living. The game itself is certainly aaa, especially on pc.

Sciurus_vulgaris26d ago

That is true. Some European game companies pay their employees way less, than equivalent American, Canadian, French and British companies which is somewhat unfortunate.

Hardiman27d ago

It's an incredible game and I love the Metro Redux collection as well!

AK9126d ago

Well deserved game was rad.

robtion26d ago

Definitely. They have patched in a cool NG+ with lots of options so I just started a second run through.

Psychotica26d ago

I just bought it but haven't started it yet, looking forward to it this weekend..