The secret of Devolver Digital's success: "We're talented motherf**kers"

Graeme Struthers, Kate Ludlow, John Bartkiw and Andrew Parsons reflect on a decade of personality-driven indie publishing.

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Fluttershy771595d ago

No you are not. Though you put great shows

AK911595d ago

Are you? Since Hotline Miami I haven’t enjoyed another game of yours at all.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro1595d ago

Really? From this year alone, Ape Out, Katana ZERO and Observation have been great.

Angyobangyo1595d ago

Katana ZERO is damn incredible. I haven’t played Observation yet though.

lptmg1595d ago

plus Downwell now available on the Switch, those guys are gold

lptmg1595d ago

you didn't enjoy Shadow Warrior 1 & 2 / The Messenger / Mother Russia Bleeds / Broforce / GRIS / Ape Out / Katana Zero / Talos Principle / Minit / Swords of Ditto / Titan Souls?

opc1595d ago

honestly? I've tried many of them but I really only like GRIS and Broforce. Most of their games lure me in with pixel art and then I tend to get quickly bored with them.

I don't know about GRIS, but Broforce was an indie game made by freelives. it started as part of a game jam. I think it went to Steam Greenlight and Steam early access long before Devolver got involved. I'm sure their money helped polish it but it was going to release as an indie on Steam no matter what.

opc1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Is devolver a developer or just a publisher? I was under the impression that they were only a publisher but this article states that they are an independent publisher, which would mean that they develop as well.

I'm confused because an indie game is a game that was published independently by its developer. Devolver seems to be a publisher that publishes other people's games.

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Cacabunga18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

Does look crazy.. i have too much on my backlog, even still on PS4..
on PS5 i have Wo-long, FF16 and RE4 i want to do first but i just cannot let go of RDR2 🙀

PhillyDonJawn16h ago

How's the online for RDR2? I couldn't get into the online portion at launch. I hoped they'd improve it over time

Tacoboto10h ago

Hype = maximum
Swing assist = minimum

Cannot waaaait for 10/20! Even have the next Monday taken off of work.

shadowT22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

Can't wait! Spider-man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, Baldur’s Gate 3, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and many more great games. 'Game of the Year' will be this year a difficult choice!

Ashunderfire8619h ago

Alan Wake 2 and Lords of The Fallen should be in there too.

BehindTheRows19h ago

About to cell a City-load of copies!


wow epic tv ad like the first game tv ad :O


Significant job losses likely at Worms publisher Team17 - sources

Eurogamer: "Team17 has now confirmed it has begun "a period of consultation" ahead of the restructure reported by Eurogamer this morning, in which significant job losses are expected."

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CrashMania23h ago

Shame, I'm a big fan of the Worms series, albeit not the latest entry.

Number1TailzFan22h ago

Worms 2 was a blessing when I was on 56k dialup in 1999 for multiplayer gaming, it was almost the only game I could play smoothly online due to it being turn based. Not only that but it was a fun game to play with all the customisation options, online rope races etc..

lucian22915h ago

Ysah battle royal was an odd entry. Like it was fun but not what we wanted lol