Mario Kart Tour microtransactions are reportedly terrible

Mario Kart Tour microtransactions are reportedly prettty bad, with users report a multi-tiered gacha system and advantages for certain rare racers on specific tracks.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro27d ago

– Played in portrait mode (absolute insanity)
– Auto accelerate
– Has retro tracks
– Play with swipe
– Seems like the amount of items you can have depends on the character
– Two laps per race
– Character unlocks are the gacha mechanic
– Ex: Luigi is a rare character
– Each character has a special item

Gameplay video:
It's slower than my snail, who is really fucking slow.

It's quite literally, absolute cancer.

HisokaTheMagician27d ago

"Played in portrait mode"


That video might be from the tutorial, so it might be slower than regular gameplay for tutorial purposes... I hope.

darthv7227d ago

Im playing it now, its kind of fun.

27d ago
slate9127d ago

Why can't they just make it a port with touch controls LOL. The insanity continues.

King_Noctis27d ago

Because mobile is not their main business and they had never put their AAA title on it?

Xrenegade27d ago

In all fairness it does show that race was on 50cc so as long as they have 150 it should be okay speed wise. Everything else though is B.S.

The 10th Rider27d ago

Yeah, regular Mario Kart is super slow in 50cc too. If 150cc and 200cc see a similar speed increase to what they see on consoles, k don't expect it to be too bad.

Hopefully the other issues are fixed though.

Teflon0227d ago

How'd they really mess up that bad. It seemed near impossible to make it bad. It had such an opportunity to milk the market too

gleepot27d ago

"It's quite literally, absolute cancer."

You're a terrible person.

PapaBop26d ago

This is why review bombs can be a good thing.

SkatterBrain26d ago

Thats a 50cc Race goes upto 200 on switch

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Relientk7727d ago

This is why microtransactions need to stop and are a cancer in gaming. BS like this

locomorales27d ago

So... you're saying that the State should interfere in a business model?

kneon26d ago

Unfettered capitalism always causes problems, without rules greed takes over.

Now this is just a game, so the scale of problems isn't the same as say Victorian era factories with their slave wages, no thought to employee safety, and belching forth of all kinds of pollution, but that doesn't mean that regulations aren't needed.

bluefox75527d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The probloem is, that's where the money is. This would likely never even been considered, much less made, if it were a "pay once, get the whole game" mobile title. Those simply aren't successful, likely because the demographic of mobile gamers is radically different in what they want in games than console gamers are.

Notellin27d ago

Plenty of mobile games were successful with a one time purchase. The difference is the money keeps pouring in on free to play microtransaction titles if you prey on children and those with poor spending habits or gambling addiction.

Prince-Ali27d ago

You guys better not let Ninty get a pass for this pile of trash

Razmiran27d ago

Doesnt really matter
Casual market will eat it up

execution1727d ago

"Fanboy's" will eat it up, atm they're just saying it's just a beta and it's fun, but those are people the same people that say Nintendo's online is good

Razmiran27d ago

Im pretty sure I count as a fanboy and I wouldnt play it
Some people are too far gone

porkChop27d ago

Nah. This isn't acceptable. I know they tried a one-time purchase with Super Mario Run, and that wasn't as successful as they'd hoped. But that doesn't excuse going so far in the opposite direction.

locomorales27d ago

If it makes more money than console games, it'll flourish. Business my friend.

MaximusTKG27d ago

Microtransactions aside, the collective of n4g might be missing the audience for this game, which is kids. With it's simple controls, especially on a phone, my 8 and 4 year old are having a blast with it. My 8 year can play Mario kart well on the switch but my younger one is still getting his dexterity down so this is awesome for him.

You can get into the microtransactions all you want but at the end of the day Nintendo is a FOR PROFIT company trying every avenue to maximize their profits, just like......every other company in the world! It's called business. And they are good at business.

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jznrpg27d ago

Nintendo starting to take cues from MS I see

Chriswynnetbh27d ago

Yeah okay cause Nintendo doesn't already have multiple gatcha games on mobile. If anything they are taking cues from shit companies like Nexon, Netease and Square Enix probably raking in tons off of mobile mtx. But sure, go ahead and blame MS 🙄

King_Noctis27d ago

How are they taking cue from MS exactly? Am I missing something?

Razmiran27d ago

Probably referring to Forza Street

Maybay27d ago

So... Fate/Grand Order isn't included since it's a Sony IP riddled with Microtransactions?

Razmiran27d ago

Fate is a sony IP? Since when?

TheColbertinator27d ago


Fate is owned by Aniplex. Aniplex is owned by Sony Media.

Razmiran27d ago

I did not know that

timotim27d ago

Was totally uncalled for. Example, their are MTs in Uncharted, Last of Us and GTS that Nintendo could have used as inspiration. In the end, I don't think Nintendo needs inspiration from anyone...they are big boys...they make those types of decisions for themselves.

porkChop27d ago

Sony also has games with lots of microtransactions. This isn't Ninty following MS, this is Ninty following the existing trend that everyone else is.

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Kabaneri27d ago

Yeah I'll stick to Mario Kart on Switch.

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