THQ Nordic Has 48 Unannounced Games In Development, Including One From Metro Exodus' 4A Games

THQ Nordic has publishes its extended Financial Year Report 2018-2019, revealing it has a total of 80 titles in development spread among THQ Nordic, Deep Silver and Coffee Stain Studios.

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KillMePrettyPlease525d ago (Edited 525d ago )

That's like a console generation worth of games

Jin_Sakai525d ago (Edited 525d ago )

And only a select few will probably be worth playing. They should focus more on quality than quantity.

UltraNova525d ago

How is that even possible? Are they counting ideas as games in development? Even EA, Sony, Activision and MS don't have that many games in development combined!

SilverDemon525d ago

So you played those games?
No? So you don't Know if they are Worth playing or not

Games don't need to be AAA to be worth play. Those games could be easily smaller titles

Or even remastered games from the IPs they bought. Definitely worth playing

RainOfTerror525d ago

THQ Nordic has been buying a lot of developers, and they have several subsidiaries, one of them being Handy Games which is their budget label. Combined with Coffee Stain, probably half of those are indie/smaller titles.

darthv72525d ago

Well i hope one of them is a Darksiders 4. They can't quit now, they have to finish the 4 horsemen story.

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CrimsonWing69525d ago

Ok, but of those 48 how many will actually be good games?

SamPao525d ago

We will see when they are released. And its subjective anyway soooo

Razzer525d ago

Probably five good games.

"Ninety percent of everything is crap"
~Sturgeon's law

Relientk77525d ago

Holy crap, damn that's a lot of games

KeenBean345525d ago

If one of them isn't timesplitters I'll be upset

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The story is too old to be commented.