New Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Character Ribrianne Gets First Screenshots

Today Bandai Namco released the first batch of screenshots of the new DLC character coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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SegaGamer795d ago

I hate the majority of Akira Toriyama's new character designs. He's always made wacky looking characters, it's something he is very good at, but since the start of Super, they have looked so bland and stupid. The ginyu force and Buu were funny looking characters, but their designs were far from bland and silly looking for the sake of looking silly.

This character and characters like Jiren and Zeno look so bad, like bad fan fiction.

thatguyhayat795d ago

I think hes just trying to force comedy. It does not work with Vegeta.

ShadowWolf712795d ago

The man's always done comedy and Vegeta can go sit and spin frankly. Dragon Ball without humor isn't Dragon Ball.

ZeekQuattro795d ago

Yeah. Vegeta now fills the comic relief position Krillin used to occuppy.

ShadowWolf712795d ago

lmao if you say so.

They look fine to me, Zeno especially. It's the kind of thing he's always done. All-powerful characters actually being quite small in stature. Of course the most powerful of all is gonna be a tiny, harmless-looking thing.

And Jiren's just a humorous inversion of the Stereotypical "Grays" and their giant heads with scrawny bodies.

SegaGamer795d ago

Zeno is so basic it's embarrassing. I'm not complaining about him being tiny and harmless looking, Gregory is the same, but the design of the character is fine, Zeno is terrible. To be honest, I could forgive his design if it wasn't for the fact that almost every character design for the characters on Super weren't so awful. Pretty much every established character looks worse, I can't actually think of one character that has a better design in Super than they did in DBZ. Almost every new character looks awful, especially in the tournament of power. The only new characters that actually look like they had a lot of time and effort put into them was Beerus and Whis, and to be honest, they probably were the only ones that Akira Toriyama put all of his effort into. Everybody else sums Super up, rushed and nothing more than a quick cash grab.

ShadowWolf712795d ago

What you're complaining about has less to do with Toriyama's designs, but how Tadayoshi Yamamuro adapted Toriyama's designs for the anime.

Shintani used Toriyama's designs for the Broly movie too and they look vastly different.

oricon795d ago

Thats because he is not really involved as much with the series they got a new guy doing alot of the designs name toyotaro. The only reason super exists is because they need new material to make new merchandice because they started to see a decline of sale in the merch. Theres only so much time they can keep rehashing the same sagas / character transformation. Toriyamas wanted dragonball to end with cell saga. This is all shueisha.

Outlawzz795d ago

Yea jirens design is horrible, I'm honestly pretty disappointed with super. It should have stopped at the Buu saga a long time ago. They brought in some interesting concepts introducing broly and having Goku and Vegeta's training focus on honing their energies but it wasn't enough. It's just a really basic anime now.

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gangsta_red795d ago

This should have been a character in the new DB Fighterz, instead we got another Goku