NAD Introduces High-end Blu-ray Disc Player

NAD Electronics has introduced their first Blu-ray Disc player, the NAD T 587. This BD-Live player has the ability display video at 1080p24 as well as decode or bitstream all audio formats. A unique feature of this player is the ability to process both NTSC and PAL standard definition formats, making this an excellent player for imported Blu-ray titles that feature non compliant standard definition content.

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GWAVE4025d ago

For those that didn't read the article:

Estimated retail price is $1500.


Go PS3, my friends. Go PS3.

On a side note, is the PS3 (or other Blu Ray players) region-free for Blu Ray movies? I know that PS3 games are region-free, but I wasn't sure about the movies. The article mentioned that this new player can play NTSC and PAL region disks without problems, but I thought most Blu Ray players could already do that.

Pennywise4025d ago

BR movies are region locked on PS3... games are not.