GamePro: Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Review

As the last DBZ game in the PS2's library, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World is both a mediocre effort and an overall disappointment from Atari and Dimps. Even fans of the series will be hard pressed to favorably compare DBZ: IW against the rest of the Budokai series, mainly due to a modestly tweaked fighting system, a frustrating new mission mode, and tons of missed potential. If you've played a Budokai game before, feel free to skip this last entry.

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Kareshi_X4026d ago

Flop confirmed for PS2 only.

Kareshi_X4026d ago

why do they keep on making those dragon ball games? let the series rest in peace please. Now they want to kill it even more with a Final blow from the FOX movie. this is really sad for any true dragonball fan.

r.i.p dragon-ball