‘Blood And Truth’ Proves Anyone Can Be A Badarse In Virtual Reality - Junkee

Amanda Yeo writes: Starting the 'Blood And Truth' demo on PlayStation VR, I was a timid journalist who'd been handed a gun. By the end of it, I was an action hero.

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Profchaos26d ago

This looks extremely exciting I'm still hanging on for the reviews because I'm on the fence about the control scheme.

Any word for aim support on this one?

boing126d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I don't think it's supported. If London Heist is any indication, gameplay heavily relays on separate hands/ two move controllers. Also, there is no full locomotion in the game. You just move between predetermined spots so there is no need for analog sticks.

AshleeEmerson23d ago

I'm pretty sure aim support wouldn't be good for this considering the gameplay mechanics. I've been reading every piece of information about this game and I already have it purchased but I would love a review just to see what people say.