Sony "Believes in Generations;" CEO Jim Ryan Further Details Next-Generation Plans and More

Sony is hosting its Investor Relations Day 2019, and CEO Jim Ryan hosted a presentation on the present and future of PlayStation including some really interesting elements.

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XiNatsuDragnel493d ago

Claps for Sony the right approach to gaming

FallenAngel1984493d ago

Shout out to Sony repeatedly keeping a generation going long after a new one has started. Their consoles always have the best golden years of software

UltraNova493d ago

One could argue that Sony is shooting themselves on the foot by supporting their last gen systems the way they do since it makes it easier for potential next gen buyers to make the jump. But this is one major plus point for them in the end. Dedicated customer support goes a long way in building brand trust and it shows with PlayStation.

WickedLester493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

"One could argue that Sony is shooting themselves in the foot by supporting their last gen systems the way they do..."

Well sure, if one wants to sound like a dumbass lol!

Look, when this generation is finally a wrap, Sony will own the #1, #2, #3, and #5 all time highest selling home consoles in gaming history (not counting handhelds). Part of that success is due to the fact that they have earned the trust of consumers generation after generation by providing unparalleled support of their consoles long after they've reached their expiration date. I think they know what they're doing. So sure, one COULD make the argument you are suggesting, but they would be wrong and they'd sound like an idiot.

UltraNova492d ago

I think you are either drunk, or haven't read my comment through, or both.

Imortus_san493d ago

LOL, are you saying that about the Vita and the PS3, because they cut it really fast when the PS4 launched.

WickedLester493d ago

No they didnt (regarding PS3). You need to go back and learn your gaming history. PS3 launched in 2006 and ended production in 2014. Thats an 8 year run, which is very good for a home console. During or right before PS4's launch, Sony released The Last if Us, Gran Turismo 6, Puppeteer, Beyond Two Souls, and God of War Ascention. Hardly the earmark of a company "cutting off" support. You dont know what you're talking about.

Imortus_san492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

What big Sony games did the PS3 got after the PS4 launch (2014 and beyond)!?
How many exclusive deals did Sony made for PS3 after PS4 launch?
I'm sorry but that is not support at all, you are the one that need to open the eye's, they ditched the PS3 and the Vita in 2013.

492d ago
IRetrouk492d ago

Dont forget gt 6 and God of war near launch too.

Inzo493d ago

When you read these statements its not hard to see why Sony has been top of the pile for so long.

TekoIie493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

"Ryan mentioned that launch plans will be disclosed at the appropriate time. He pledged commitment to getting them right and admitted that Sony succeeded in that with PS1, PS2, and PS4, but failed with PS3."

Sorry what was that? I thought I was told by many here that Sony did not make any mistakes with the PS3 launch. Atleast Jim Ryan is big enough to admit there were missteps and that they're learning from them for future releases. When someone on the payroll can admit to something that certain fans can't it says a lot.

Looking forward to the PS5. I hope they have some solid launch titles right out the gate or atleast within 3 months of launch because Knack and Shadowfall aren't the calibre of games I want to see as a selling point for a new system. With that said the existence of BC and a boost mode makes the system instantly attractive if you're like me and don't have a PS4 Pro. I kinda hope we see developers update their games to take advantage of it. Can't wait!

Imortus_san493d ago

PS3 is a pile of shit, never had a console that ran games so poorly.

TekoIie493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

It's actually a very good system that just had a lot of issues early in its lifespan. It definitely had performance issues with certain multiplats but late into the generation things were pretty much even for the most part and in some cases better for the PS3 versions.

493d ago
Potnoodle999492d ago

PS3 is an absolutely incredible console, line up was 10/10 and surpassed by PS4. Ran games smooth as butter too.

Razzer492d ago

"I thought I was told by many here that Sony did not make any mistakes with the PS3 launch. "

Well....saying Sony made no mistakes with PS3 launch is a silly assertion to make. Of course, I could easily say "many here" said Microsoft did not make any mistake with the Xbox One launch and I'm not really sure what point I would have made. That "many" people say "many" things?

Razzer492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

That saying "many" people have said something doesn't really mean anything. That point was explicit.

TekoIie492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

Except we literally had an article last week with 'many' disagreeing with that assertion:

And in this case many is actually a lot considering we're denying reality

Razzer492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

You will have to point out the quotes where you were "told" by "many" that "Sony did not make any mistakes with the PS3 launch". Cuz as far as I can see it isn't anywhere in the link you provided.

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Larrysweet492d ago

We all know ps3 was a misstep launch so not sure what u on abought

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