Long, Average Games Have Value, Too

There’s a case to be made for the value of a game that isn’t really anything special, but is consistently entertaining and will last you a very long time.

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Razzer33d ago

"But just because something would be better for me without its repetitive parts doesn’t mean it would be “better” for everyone."

Especially when the repetitive parts are often entirely optional in open world games.

robtion33d ago

The thing is Days Gone is not even close to average, it's much better than that. IGN at it once again.

CBaoth32d ago

expect a lot of these damage control articles soon. Almost every criticism I've read about Days Gone and Rage 2 could be referencing a Ubisoft title tit for tat. What, the guy with the bow tie decided to draw a line in the sand with these 2? I'm just glad the sales are proving there's a growing disconnect between reviewers and gamers. A man can dream for a day when the sheep trample the shepherds

Hardiman32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Ive seen three articles "back peddling" about DG. I suspect your assertion there'll be more is right on the money!

rainslacker32d ago

Apparently they didn't even think the game was average though, so I'm not sure why they're citing days gone. Less than a 7 for IGN means they think the game is awful. They'll give 8's, 9's and even 10's to games which are truly bad, or what everyone else would consider average. They built their scoring system to be this way through years of pandering to the big name releases. if they're going to try and be fair on less high profile games, then it's just inconsistent on their part. If they felt the game was good enough to be good because of it's length and because it was generally consistently fun, then it seems like it should warrant a better score than they gave it.

King633d ago

Ign Still trying to convince real gamers that days gone is a bad game how sad. Ign gamers have Already decide from themselves how they feel about the game and most like the game.

SyntheticForm33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I prefer The Witcher 3. Still my favorite game of the generation, with Bloodborne a very close second. Two fantastic games. One linear, yet lore-rich and brilliant. One broad, also lore-rich and brilliant.

Zeke6833d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I agree on everything but one thing. Bloodbornes controls are so smooth as they can be but Witcher 3, I quit playing the game about a third into the story because I truly hate the controls. Sluggish and stiff, sadly I could never get used to them.
I tried after last patch but nothing has really changed. So no Cyberpunk for me until I'm sure they nailed the movement controls.

SyntheticForm33d ago

Yeah, I was initially put off by Witcher 3 and its controls and laggy menus, but then it just grew on me... and grew on me. I've put so many hours into it. Couldn't wait to play after work.

I also felt the same way about Bloodborne; couldn't wait to progress and then you had the chalice dungeons. What a great year for games 2015 was.

Hardiman32d ago

Wild Hunt is a masterpiece IMO. I've put in 100's of hours and still have to finish Blood and Wine but I've had so much fun with DG. Bloodborne is incredible as well! I love the Lovecraftian look and atmosphere it has!

Kornholic33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

IGN has no value, though. F*** off, IGN.

Days Gone isn't average. It's good.

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