Pocket Gamer: My Dog Coach: Understand Your Dog With Cesar Millan Review

It's easy to forget in the current climate, but pets have problems too. Currently, we're all running around like headless chickens, queuing outside banks demanding Pocket Gamer's money and hauling in the cheque book when out shopping, but who's looking after our faithful friends during this dry period? Who feels their pain and takes care of their stresses and strains while they're busy fussing after ourselves?

Cesar Millan, that's who! Star of hit U.S. show The Dog Whisperer, Millan spends his days rehabilitating dogs back from the brink to a state of normality, dealing with problems the owners might be having with disobedience in the process. Millan's golden rules - to which all dogs apparently comply -are applied here in a title where it's your job to prescribe just what is wrong with problem pups, as well as partaking in activities to bring them back in line.

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