GamePro: Valkyria Chronicles Review

Even with Valkyria's emphasis on exposition with more than enough cutscenes to keep you busy, it never feels forced or trite. For these reasons, not to mention the absolutely addictive battles, GamePro can't help but recommend any fans of the SRPG genre pick up Valkyria Chronicles.

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Swiftfox4024d ago

And an exceptional PS3 game goes overlooked in the wake of Resistance 2 vs Gears of War 2 fanboy wars.

This site can be so cruel sometimes.

himdeel4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

...but what's nice is having so many games that you could purchase. Especially now as the year comes to a close and the holiday seasons draws near, rest assured that if you don't buy all the games you want on the day they hit the streets you'll at least have plenty to play later.

Pennywise4024d ago

This game should not be overlooked if you like turn base games.

Pennywise4024d ago

And you are lower than...

Danja4024d ago

Great Score , I'll be picking this game up , but that will be next month , RFOM2 will be getting all the play time till then.

Pennywise4024d ago

For the last time without sarcasm.... R2 NOT RFOM2.... there are no men falling in this one. Resistance 2.