The Castlevania Collection isn't perfect, but it shows there are signs of life within Konami

Martin Robinson: "Undead, with a dark soul and a penchant for sucking the blood from the young - but hey, that's enough about Konami, because we're here to talk about one of the series that made this once-great company's name."

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FallenAngel198435d ago

What does Castlevania Collection show that Castlevania Requiem did not?

lptmg35d ago

have more than two games included in the bundle for the same price lol

CorndogBurglar35d ago

Um, it's made up of totally different games, for one...

I feel like this was a trick question. Was this a trick question? Surely you knew Castlevania Collection and Castlevania Requiem were totally different right?

FallenAngel198434d ago

@ Ip

Yeah but it’s still just a collection of Castlevania games. Idk how one shows “there’s life within Konami” while the other doesn’t

@ Corn

Well obviously they have different games. But how is releasing a collection a sign of Konami’s revival when they’ve already done so? Looks to like an easy way to appeal to fans while putting in as least amount of effort as possible.

@ sept

Same thing as I said earlier. More games in a collection is nice, but it’s still just another collection. It’s a far cry from Konami treating the series with enough reverence that we can expect a brighter future for either the series or the publisher

CorndogBurglar34d ago

Okay, that I can undersrand. I agree that releasing collections of old games doesn't mean a studio is showing signs of life.

But there is definitely a market for this kind of thing. If people didn't want it then they wouldn't sell. But they do. So if nothing else it is at least showing that Konami is doing something that fans want. Who knows, maybe it's a "testing the waters" kind of thing.

FallenAngel198434d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Konami knows this will sell of course but they’d do want to do so with as little amount of effort

If this collection was released in tandem with info that a new Castlevania was coming down the line then the headline would have a point similar to how other companies handle these sort of things.

However I doubt that however successful this compilation sells won’t have the same effect on Konami that Sonic 1,2 & CD HD had on Sega & Mega Man Legacy Collection had on Capcom that eventually led to Sonic Mania & Mega Man 11 respectively.

Konami did do well by Super Bomberman R and rereleasing Zone of the Enders was a nice touch, but the publisher as a whole doesn’t look like it’s going to be in the habit of going above and beyond to reclaiming it’s former glory. Only releasing titles that reminds people of what they once were in their glory days.

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KwietStorm35d ago

Re-releasing 30 year old games [again] shows that there are signs of life? I love Castlevania as a franchise, but let's be for real.

Fluttershy7735d ago

It's beginning. And it is what I want from them: to recognize the value of their own legacy.

wonderfulmonkeyman35d ago

If it had been the Metroidvania titles, I might have agreed, but classic Castlevania titles don't hold the appeal they once did, at least IMO.

dboyman34d ago

We'll ok that is your opinion. But there are many who prefer more classic Castlevania and less Metroidvania. Symphony of the Night was a great game that started that trend. But some want that straight forward classic platform approach as well...

Scatpants35d ago

Release the awesome Metroidvanias that came out on the DS not all this ancient garbage. Worst Castlevania games in the series.

CorndogBurglar35d ago

Let's not get crazy here.

Castlevania 1, 3, and Bloodlines are absolutely amazing. There are far worse Castlevania games out there...

septemberindecember35d ago

Super Castlevania is good too, imo

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