Ubisoft Adding Matchmaking To The Division 2's First Raid After All

The Division 2 received it’s first raid recently, and has gotten a fair amount of flack for not including matchmaking, luckily, Ubisoft is fixing that.

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rdgneoz31660d ago

"At the same time, developer Massive Entertainment has said that adding simple matchmaking to raids is not as straightforward as it may seem."

You have 4 player match making for missions and 8 player match making for conflict. It's not hard to implement. If people want to bang their heads on a wall with random people, let them. In the mean time, fix the mobs rushing past you at 90 mph without fear as you unload your gun on them...

FITSniper1659d ago

Yeah the NPCs lack of fear to rush past you in order to flank is a bit broken. I love the AI in the game for the most part. But that is just downright broken. And it requires going to hunt them down so they're not sitting behind you. And at higher difficulty levels, especially on console where turn rates are lower, you can't always take them out as they try to get by.

Kostche1659d ago

exactly watching snipers rush you is pathetic

smolinsk1659d ago

Great with the matchmaking is coming, really stupid not to let people choose for themselves..

Elda1659d ago

They realize lying to their customers is not a good thing.


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just_looken179d ago

Year 5? man time be going by fast

Aussiesummer178d ago

Gotta give em credit for supporting it.

TheColbertinator178d ago

True. They almost abandoned the game at one point.

178d ago