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Game Asked Players To Kill Journalist, Make Him 'Famous In A Different Way'

Developers TFG Co. removed the level after HuffPost's story.

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Community63d ago
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ninsigma63d ago

1. Are journalists a protected class that they can't be shot at in video games??

2. He was playing an adult game with his kid nephew 🙄

carcarias63d ago

The article is stupid to be sure.

However, I have to admit that I myself played GTA Vice City and System Shock 2 with my 12 year old nephew back in the day, hehe. He loved it, but maybe I failed my responsible uncle exam during that time?

It's ok though, he went on to get a degree in film and now runs a small hotel. He's perfectly normal, apart from the compulsive car stealing and constant need to walk around with a wrench but hey, nobody is perfect.

ninsigma63d ago

I'm not necessarily saying that's a bad thing, it's just this guy doing that and then getting upset about the content 😂

AK9163d ago

Why is this a big deal? Mortal Kombat has far more use of graphic violence and no one bats an eye there. Besides journalists (both inside and outside of gaming) are not really people of significance anyway.

Inzo63d ago

Yes but remember MK11 does not have jiggly boobs so that makes it ok.

Nightcyberspud63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Umm you guys do realize what happened in Paris right? I work a a company that publishes newspapers and it’s stuff like that and this game which had them install security doors and hire guards.

shloobian63d ago

You say it as if the death of a fictional character in that profession is somehow more significant than the death of all the other fictional characters in their respective professions. There have been countless missions in games where you make your way through google style companies and no one gives a damn about it. Suddenly a journalist dies( a fictional one at that) and we are suddenly breaking some moral code.

rdgneoz363d ago

You realize that there are other games where you kill politicians, different heads of state, celebrities, innocent civilians (in airports), or invading various countries? Everyone should have their doors locked and not go outside for fear of dying...

Inzo63d ago

Are you really going to compare that horrific shooting to this? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Razzer63d ago

"I work a a company that publishes newspapers and it’s stuff like that and this game which had them install security doors and hire guards."

has nothing to do with "this game" or any other game. Just stop.

Angerfist63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I remember all the wars started by media lies. Journalists have no morals in these times

1-pwnsause-163d ago (Edited 63d ago )

journalists have become activists....They forgot what it means to be a journalist.

carcarias63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Games made your company install security doors and guards? Really? You sure it wasn't pretty much 100% down to terror incidents and nutjobs in real life instead?

There is absolutely no reason for this game's level to be an issue in any shape or form unless you also want to remove violent content from games that pertains to anyone of any civilian/non-combatant distinction. If that's the case, why stop at games? Movies, music, books, it all needs to change.

The real issue is that they removed the level. That's bad thing here. I'd imagine it's because they didn't want any hassle rather than because they felt any wrong-doing had occurred. So that's what we're moving to now is it? A crappy, sensationalist website can complain about something and a game gets redacted/censored, what ever you want to call it?

CaptainObvious87863d ago

Are you sure your paper didn't print something depicting the profit Muhammad and then one of the diverse members of the community, because France is so diverse now, didn't attack you?

aaronaton63d ago

That was of load of Muslims getting offended over a cartoon drawing.
Don't ever compare us with them.

rainslacker62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Was what happened in Paris a result of this game? Was what happened in Paris a hit on the Parisian press?

If yes to both of those questions, there are two scenarios, His game came out before it happened, and there is no correlation. Or, it came out after, and it's just in bad taste.

Of course, depending on when it was made, it may not be related at all, or play no role in the actual thing that happened in Paris. Things happen every day. If we stopped making scenarios in games because things happened, or things might/do happen because of it, then we wouldn't have any scenarios in games to make.

Sorry, but it's not games that make people dangerous, and it's disingenuous to act like the press doesn't itself show and incite more violence than any game ever will, and that the press is far more willing to try and bring contention between the masses than any game ever has. Gaming, we get console wars, and SJW. Media pits people against one another on fundamental ideological beliefs such as politics, abortion, religion, taxes, health care, and divides the line between party affiliations to get people angry at individuals in the most hateful and non-productive way possible, all in an attempt to promote political candidates/incumbents, and worse, drive their own reader/viewer counts.

In other words, it's not these games which is causing fear among the press, it's the press themselves realizing that people are taking ideological editorial as reason to act out against individuals or entities in the press.

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Profchaos63d ago

There was a mission in GTA San Andreas called snail trail Tenpenny left a sniper riffle in the construction site and you had to follow a journalist from San fierro to Los Santos and take him out.

In short context in story is everything. The mission in San Andreas works because Tenpenny has Carl held over a barrel he doesn't want to work for Tenpenny but his brother is at Tenpennys Mercy.

The mobile game well that has a line of text saying why you have to kill someone at it barely has any story like most mobile games there's no context or reason which is also why it's no big deal they are poorly detailed and exist for 30 second gameplay segments

CrimsonWing6963d ago

Man, now we’re going after violence in games? Are journalists aware of satire? It’s in plenty of books and movies, guess games can’t do them.

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