The Moments We Can't Wait To See In Final Fantasy VII Remake

An upgrade in visuals and tone could lead to vastly different sequences.

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PhoenixUp30d ago

Can’t wait to see Cloud crossdress

naruga30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

that over the top focus on the crossdressing thing really is diminishing the value of this epic game (only lame media like polygon and kotaku give so much importance to this very fun but filler moment of the game) .......i m waiting to see the Weapon sequenses, which are a chain of events that filled with epic moments , saspense , action and feelings (weapon awakening , junon attack , midgar attack etc etc)

Hardiman30d ago

You know this is the one game I never played that I wish I had. So to say I'm excited for this remake is an understatement!

FFVII is the one PS1 game I never got around to playing for whatever reason but hopefully I'll finally get to play it in thd form of this remake. I just hope I live long enough for all the episodes lol.

Snookies1230d ago

I don't see it being any more than 3 episodes long. Things will be much more smooth after episode 1 comes out. Since they'll already have the assets, character models, combat system, hud and menus, etc. in place.

Tech530d ago (Edited 30d ago )

each part will be equivalent to a game. hopefully it won't be that many parts. a new rumor suggest that it's been split into only 2 parts.
only some weeks away to know for sure.

MeteorPanda30d ago

l wonder if they will incorperate crisis core characters? I'd love to see Genesis join party. they never had a black mage character.

Lord_Sloth30d ago

I just want to see the Junon Cannon fire!