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WTMG's Leo Faria: "This is the beauty of the Nintendo Switch. Its portable nature and the fact everybody wants to publish games for it allow for a game like Blades of Time to find a new home where I would have least expected. It’s a deeply flawed game with technical issues and a pathetic script that I probably would have hated playing on a more traditional home console. But its somewhat enjoyable (and varied) combat, coupled with the overall lack of similar games on the Switch library, are somewhat more than enough for me to recommend this game to fans of the genre, especially in short bursts every now and then."

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rob-GP449d ago

I'm having trouble with this game due to the technical issues. I've reached out for an ETA on a patch as I can't even dock the Switch and leave it, or put it into rest mode, without the game freezing and then crashing on me.